World map cork board

Build a version of the world the way you see it! World map cork coard is a very original and unique map of the world fashioned from natural cork which serves two important functions. Firstly it looks fabulous and compliments any wall you stick it to; the world is pretty cool after all. Secondly, you can use the push pins to attach photos, postcards, tickets and mementos of you travels. World map cork Board allows you to create a totally personalised and unique cork world map. You can literally picture your world. Here’s an idea; if your friend is due back from their travels, get them one of these to distract them. That way you don’t have to listen to all their stories from abroad as they’ll be too busy pinning up their travel mementos. Please note this product is intended as a fun gift and is not an accurate representation of the world. 7mm thick fine grained high quality cork. Ideal for tying pins.