Watercourses radiation insulation cork boards

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Underground water veins – what's all this about?

For many years, there has been a debate about water veins. Proponents of the theory talk about harmful effects of water veins on our well-being – including fatigue, sleep problems, various pains, etc. According to this theory, each of us is exposed to water veins. Do you want to protect yourself against a potentially negative impact of water veins on your health? To protect yourself from the geopathic radiation, ensure that the space you live in is comfortable and safe – licensed and professional dowsers are responsible for the detection of water veins. An important factor is also choosing the right material for the room, and we have it for you!

How to deal with the problem? Insulation cork boards!

A way to deal with the issue is reaching for insulation cork boards against water veins. Moderating cork boards are used to protect against geopathic radiation – an effective barrier that alleviates your discomfort that could result from potential exposure to water veins.

Insulation cork boards against geopathic radiation – size and application

Our cork boards are available in three formats: 20 x 635 x 945 mm, 15 x 635 x 945 mm and 10 x 635 x 945 mm. Insulation cork boards are intended primarily for lining in places that may be exposed to water veins.

Natural cork board – a universal material!

Natural cork is a product that will significantly improve the quality and comfort of your home. There are many advantages to using cork! For example, cork flooring is pleasantly warm and soft, and natural cork serves as an ideal acoustic and thermal insulation. Cork is also recommended for allergy sufferers as it is a hypoallergenic productit does not attract dust.

We believe in nature

Natural cork is an ecological material that is obtained from the bark of the cork oak. The top layer of cork is harvested by specialised professionals with great care and delicacy to not damage any trees. Natural cork is a renewable material!  
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