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Introducing Cork Granules 2-3 mm: The eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials

If you're looking for an eco-friendly and versatile material for your next project, don't hesitate and choose Cork Granules 2-3 mm. Made from renewable cork oak bark, these Granulated Cork particles are an ecological aggregate that offers both elasticity and durability. It's a great alternative to synthetic materials, and can be used in a variety of applications, from construction to crafting.

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Insulate your home with Granulated Cork

Cork Granulate 2-3 mm is perfect for insulating buildings, tanks, and water heaters. Its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, along with its resistance to biological corrosion and moisture, make it an ideal choice for insulation. Use it to backfill diaphragm walls, add aggregate to foundations, and reduce weight while improving insulation and acoustic properties.

Cork Granules 2-3 mm: The perfect addition to your crafting supplies

Cork Granules 2-3 mm are also great for crafting. Whether you're making cork decorations, cork craft ideas, or even gardening cork, these Granulated Cork particles offer endless possibilities. Use it as a lightweight aggregate in concrete and more. With its natural cork texture, you can add a touch of eco-friendliness to any project. And if you're looking for eco mulch, Cork Granules are a perfect choice.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Our Cork Granules 2-3 mm are made from natural cork and are a great alternative to synthetic materials. They are eco-friendly and sustainable, as harvesting the bark does not involve cutting down or damaging the tree. With its exceptional properties and versatility, Granulated Cork is an excellent choice for any project that requires insulation, lightweight aggregate, or even just a touch of natural texture.
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