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Since our everyday life has got even more stressful and demanding we need our own private space to feel comfortable and relax. Decorative cork wall panels will create a special atmosphere everywhere and every time, no matter the day of week, season, weather or your mood is. New line of Decork decorative cork wall tiles is the answer to fashion and trend for pursuing the most natural, ecological, and environmentally friendly and, at the same time, usual finishing materials.

Expanded cork panels from raw cork bark are an original, designer and 100% natural and ecological product. Black expanded cork panel has been glued on a flat panel of agglomerated cork. In textile and felt version the cork front has been replaced with a colourful piece of material. As all cork wall panels, apart from their decorative advantages, they also enhance the acoustics and thermal insulation of the room, which drastically increases the comfort level. This material will be a perfect home, office, restaurant or shop finish.

Choose decork! Make everyone fall in love with your home’s atmosphere!

Decork is available in 150x172mm format and is 6.5mm thick which gives a working space of 0.02 SQM and it is the largest format at in our offer. If this is not enough to fit your needs, the original and designer solid cork bark 610x915mm from ‘Virgin decorative cork bark’ section might be what you are looking for. Bored by the omnipresent ceramics, classical wood or cold glass? Choose a timeless material that will take everyone’s breath away. Every decorative cork wall covering is 100% unique, designed and created by nature. Cork sheets will transform the interiors and make them more refined, so that you can impress your friends and family with your taste.

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