Shipping from Poland

All our goods are shipped from warehouses in Poland, so they may be subject to customs duties and import charges upon arrival in the UK.

Additional costs

Orders with a value less than or equal to £135.00 for individuals have UK VAT charged at the point of sale (PL) meaning that the customer will not be charged additional fees when importing to the UK.
In the case of B2B transactions, orders with a value less than or equal to £135.00 are delivered to the UK using the "reverse charge" procedure, therefore the customer registered as a VAT payer in the UK is responsible for the VAT settlement.
All orders over £135.00 are subject to traditional customs procedures – for orders exceeding £135, the customer is obligated to pay a 20% tax. All costs, customs duties and taxes are borne by the recipient (importer). For more information, please visit GOV.UK. The fees will be charged by the parcel delivery service provider during their clearance upon arrival in the UK.
If additional charges appear on delivery, our carrier will contact you to arrange payment details.
See the SHIPPING page for more information about delivery time and costs.
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