Granulated cork insulation

Reinventing Expanded Cork with Granulated Cork!

Looking for a durable and universal granulated material? Don't waste your money on products which seem to be stable and efficient only at first glance. Expanded Cork Insulation in the form of granulate is your functional and lightweight product for non-standard purposes! Expanded Cork Granules present a raw darker colour that has amazing decorative properties. The material perfectly imitates soil or stones, so can be used as a filler in your garden or terrarium.

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The size and application of Granulated Cork Insulation

The granules size of the expanded cork is from 3 to 10 mm (the average density – 60-70 kg/m³), with the capacity of the product being 250 litres. Expanded Cork Insulation granules are very handy to apply due to their accessible and light form! Granules consisting of Expanded Cork have been created with the emphasis on effective and practical insulation – especially for the hard-to-reach places.

Improving insulation with Expanded Cork!

Expanded Cork has better insulating properties than the rest of the materials. Why? It's all thanks to the heating process, in which the cork material expands and acquires even more functional properties. Save the environment, energy and your money! Expanded Cork Granules work both as heat insulation and sound insulation.

Expanded Cork Granules a natural product and CO₂ retainer! The most environmentally-friendly way possible

Our Granulated Cork Insulation from Expanded Cork is 100% safe and natural – the product is not harmful to the environment. No artificial binders or chemicals – expanded cork is a hypoallergenic and recyclable product. Did you also know that natural cork is a CO₂ retainer, as cork oak absorbs 4 times more CO₂ than other trees? That's really impressive!

Cork solutions for construction materials and... film sets!

Expanded Cork Insulation in the form of granules is often used in the construction industry – to fill internal double walls, gable roofs with loose insulation between the joists, cavities, or empty floor spaces. Expanded Cork Granules are also used on film sets to create special effects (i.e. debris during the explosions).

Producing Granulated Cork Insulation – nothing is wasted!

How is Expanded cork produced? Let us explain! We heat natural cork to a very high temperature in the special moulds. Thanks to the process, the material releases resin – suberin – which acts as a natural binder of the granules. The heating process expands the cork granules and the material acquires exceptional features compared to other products. Expanded cork granules are made from products that have not been used in the production of Expanded Cork Boards. That's how nothing goes to waste – we believe in a sustainable production!
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