Cork in a Roll? A versatile solution for your needs!

The natural cork material used in our Cork Rolls is sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal. Cork Rolls are available in various sizes, including the non-standard size of 120 cm, providing you with the flexibility to use them for various applications. The Rolled Cork material is easy to cut, shape, and glue, making it ideal for DIY projects or professional use.

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Natural cork material – An eco-friendly production material

Are you searching for a production material that is both durable and flexible, yet eco-friendly? Natural Cork is the ideal raw material for use in a variety of industries, including furniture, construction, and sound insulation. At our store, we offer Non-Standard Cork Rolls 120 cm made from natural cork that meets even the most demanding business needs.

Acoustic insulation and thermal protection with Cork Rolls

In addition to its aesthetic and functional uses, Non-Standard Cork Rolls 120 cm also provide sound insulation and thermal protection. The thermal insulation properties of natural cork make it a great choice for creating a warm and comfortable living environment.

Easy installation – Gluing Non-Standard Cork Rolls 120 cm

Installing our Non-standard Cork Rolls 120 cm is as easy as wallpapering. Simply prepare a dust-free surface and apply an even layer of Wakol D-3540 water-based adhesive to both the cork surface and the wall. Once the adhesive has dried transparently, fix the cork in your chosen location for a long-lasting and functional application.

Rolled Cork for creative wall art

Cork in a Roll isn't just for functional purposes, as it can also be used to create unique and creative wall art. The natural cork material is an excellent canvas for creating decorative pieces, such as cork bulletin boards. The Rolled Cork material is easy to cut into various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create custom designs.
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