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cork sheets The most diverse product in our store's offer are cork sheets. We offer them in 3 different granules and in several dozen thicknesses. Cork board sheets are available in fines, medium and coarse versions. Both thin sheets are available, from about 1-3mm thick, through popular 5, 7 and 10mm, on thick ones up to 45mm. When covering a larger surface remember about evening out the edges before the fixture – for example with a sharp wallpaper knife. Straight and smooth cork edges will decrease the joints between the sheets and enhance the end result.

Are you looking for a soft and flexible cork?

Fine grained cork sheets are soft and flexible, which is why they are most often used for the production of all kinds of cut, milled, ground and engraved elements. The smooth and homogeneous surface makes the fine grained cork sheets ideal for screen printing, pad printing, UV printing and laser marking and laminating. Cork notice board made of fine cork granules, are especially recommended for the production of cork coasters, cork insoles and cork gasket.

What cork sheets choose to make a corkboard?

Medium grained cork boards are dedicated to all solutions designed to act as a cork pin board for pinning notes, documents, leaflets or photos. It is an ideal solution both in terms of aesthetics and resistance multiple pins driving. Good cork adhesive is required for assembly, available in our shop's offer. We recommend a medium-grain cork board in a self adhesive or coloured version, while the need for larger sizes will certainly satisfy our cork rolls.

Cork sheet that will mute my neighbour and keep the heat?

Coarse cork sheets, thanks to very high density and unique internal structure, guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Order a cork sheet with a thickness of 5mm to keep your walls warm and cosy to every touch. Choose coarse grain cork boards sheets with a thickness of 10mm to minimize heat loss and increase acoustic comfort. Use a 15mm cork insulation if you are upset by a loud neighbour or do not want to oppress him with your drums or piano.

Is there anything bigger?

635x940mm for coarse grained cork sheets and 640x950mm for medium grained and fine-grained cork sheets are the biggest available formats in ‘Cork Sheets’ section. If this format is not satisfactory, cork rolls available in the ‘Cork Rolls’ section in the menu on the left may be a great solution. There are rolls of cork available in thicknesses from 2 to 10mm in any desirable quantity, as they are sold by linear metres.

How to fix medium grained cork sheets and what tools to use?

Cork sheets are a fine material that can be fixed in a variety of ways. The cheapest and the easiest method to fix them is by gluing them with cork glue. We recommend Wakol D-3540 that can be found in our ‘Cork Glues’ section. Our advice is to use around 120 grams of glue per sheet, which means that 0.8kg of glue is enough for 6 sheets, and a bucket of 2.5kg - 20 sheets. Of course using cork glue is not obligatory. The most widely used fixing glues and strong wood binders. It is best to choose a product with good initial tack, as it will make the job easier and faster, especially for the less experienced.

Those that are not traditional glue enthusiasts will surely be interested in our self adhesive cork tiles that can be found in the category nearby. Fixture of the self adhesive cork tiles is fast, clean and simple. After taking off the protective foil just glue the panel on prepared selected surface. With the help of good double-sided tape it is possible to create self adhesive cork wall tiles at home – what is left is to order a good medium grained cork sheet.

Did you know that by choosing our products you are helping the environment?

Natural cork is produced with care for low energy usages, practically nonexistent emission and minimum environmental impact. Choosing 100% natural cork products, you are contributing to the development of responsible, innovative and sustainable solutions, help protect our environment and future generations.

Needing some finishing?

Cork board tiles can be left alone without any finish. They can also be finished in any way possible. Cork wall tiles can be painted over with any paint, lacquer or wood stain to enhance or cover up the cork’s structure. If the cork board tiles will be exposed to dirt and will be washed frequently, it is worth finishing it with a protective product. The cheapest and least labour intensive way to finish it is... leaving the cork wall tiles unfinished! The original structure will bring a new and natural dimension to the interior and furthermore such a cork wall can be a perfect cork pin board for the whole family! Our cork wall panels have a variety of applications limited only by imagination and creativity. We offer a wide range of cork products to meet different requirements of our clientele. We invite you to spend a little time to get to know our cork products better! Enjoy the shopping!

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