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Cork sheet forever!

Cork material has been known and used for years, but did you know that it's not only a functional bottle stopper or original and eco interior design? It's only the beginning of the story. There are countless types of cork tiles, cork sheets and cork panels for walls that will not only completely change your interior but also serve as a technical material effectively used in manufacturing various products and services.

Type and size for everyone

Cork sheets are the most diverse product in our online store. We offer them in three different variants: fine grained cork sheets, medium grained cork sheets, and coarse grained cork sheets. Each category presents a wide range of thickness that you can explore above. Bear in mind that sizes 635 x 940 mm for coarse grained cork sheets, and 640 x 950 mm for medium grained, and fine grained cork sheets are the biggest available formats. If you need a bigger format of cork material, visit our "Agglomerated cork rolls - sheets in rolls" section.

But which one should I choose?

Fine grained cork sheets are soft, flexible, and are most often used for the production. It's high-flexibility and smooth surface make it perfect for constructing different types of i.e. gadgets, shoe parts, or more technical elements like seals. Medium grained cork sheets will be the best for creating cork pin boards. The material is durable and presents an elegant appearance, so it will be perfect as a cork board for your home but also as a cork pin board for wall in more formal settings. It shows a great resistance to pins and will be effective for attaching official documents, announcements and notes. Coarse grained cork sheets guarantee excellent heat insulation and sound insulation thanks to its density. Such lasting and suitable cork floor sheets and cork wall tiles will not only decorate them in a stunning way, but also bring you warmth and take away the noises that you might hear behind the wall. The specific use of all three variants also depends on the selected thickness of a given type of panels  – available thickness variants can be found in the subcategories above.

Unusual and practical – the only way to go

Are you dreaming of an extraordinary atmosphere that will bring you happiness, relaxation, but also usefulness? Make sure you decorate your interior that way with our cork board sheets. Living room, kitchen, office, restaurant, medical clinic design – they will attract the attention everywhere and build a welcoming and lovely atmosphere. It's a universal material which will impress and inspire everybody! The modern design goes hand in hand with usability. If you're looking for wonderful cork acoustic panels, this is it.

Easy installation for all

Cork board sheets are a simple material that can be fixed in many ways. The cheapest and the easiest method is to glue cork panels with a cork glue – see "Best cork tile adhesive glue" section. If you want to apply a big notice board, remember to even the edges of the cork sheets (i.e. with a sharp wallpaper knife) to avoid visible joints. You can also choose cork with the self-adhesive layer. Remember! The self-adhesive layer is only suitable for gluing to smooth, flat, clean and dust-free surfaces (e.g. plasterboards or furniture boards).

Think about our planet!

Natural cork is produced with care for our environment. By choosing our 100% eco cork material, you contribute to the development of responsible, innovative and sustainable production. Think about future generations and create a safe environment with us.  

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