Coarse grained self adhesive cork wall tiles

Thermal or acoustic insulation with a guarantee of clean assembly?

A coarse grained self adhesive cork insulation will be an excellent choice if you are disturbed by a loud neighbour or an acute cold coming from the walls. The advantage of the cork sheet made of coarse grain is the higher density and special structure of the material, which maximizes the thermal insulation and sound insulation properties of the natural cork. Cork sheets can be quickly, cleanly and silently glued to a chosen wall and you will feel effects of insulation almost immediately. The wall will be clearly quieter and much warmer to touch.

The best results will be guaranteed by cork board sheet with a thickness of 10 to 20mm. For thermal insulation, choose a thickness from 10 to 15mm, while a great soundproofing will give you sheets from 15 to 20mm. Thinner cork board tiles can be used to reduce echo and reverberation in rooms, while thicker ones will work in advanced solutions, such as cold stores, air-conditioning units and as vibration isolation of aggregates and presses.

The self adhesive cork material can be easily left without an additional finish. It can also be freely finished without any restrictions. Cork sheets can be painted with any paint, varnish or stain, emphasizing or minimizing the structure of the cork. The most economical and the least labour-intensive form of finishing will be... leaving the cork tiles without finishing! The original structure of thick cork beans will bring a fresh and natural atmosphere to your interior.

In need of a cork that is easy and fast to fix?

Self-adhesive cork is the right fit for everyone that appreciates simple, fast and uncomplicated solutions. Self-adhesive cork tile with strong and durable glue was created due to the demand for easy and fast fixing of the cork sheets. The used glue is very strong, so the panels can be applied on both smooth and slightly rugged surfaces. The only condition for beginning the fixing is a completely dustless, clean and dry surface. That is why it is extremely important to prepare the surface carefully, meaning its staining or thorough cleaning. Cork needs to be fixed carefully and mindfully, as the glue binds with the surface instantly. This product is perfectly executed, easy to fix and more practical than traditional cork! Order, unpack, acclimate, take off the protective foil, put on the wall... and enjoy natural cork in any place you want!

A noisy neighbour?

Coarse grained cork sheets can be a great mean for insulation and thermal isolation. A coarse cork panel has a higher density in comparison with medium grained of fine grained cork sheets. Fixed on the wall or ceiling is an acoustic isolation and eliminates all the sounds coming from the other side. If the wall is thin and the noise is of great inconvenience, it is worth to consider a light construction of 15-20mm cork insulation panel, air gap or mineral wool and closing plasterboard or OSB panel. In the majority of cases the placement of the 10mm wall cork insulation panel will be sufficient for reducing the noise.

Looking for a bit of privacy?

If the issue at hand is more serious than just a loud TV then a coarse grained cork insulation panel is an answer to the problem. A panel 5 to 7mm thick will be enough to achieve privacy in one’s own home. It is worth not finishing the cork panel after the fixture as its irregular structure will disperse sounds more effectively and eliminate any echoes, increasing our comfort. As the technical cork may not be appealing to everyone, we offer a wide range of decorative cork.

Freezing outside and the walls are ice cold?

40 million cells full of air in every cubic centimetre gives thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mK. What does this means? It means no more high gas bills and much more warmth in the apartment. Just 3-5mm coarse cork insulation panel is enough to make even the coldest walls warm to the touch. But the 7-10mm cork insulation sheets will provide enough insulation and will keep the warm air inside to turn it into a comfortable and cosy living space.

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