MD Facade expanded cork panels for walls

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MD facade expanded cork – your unconventional wall cladding

MD facade is a special series of cork panels with expanded insulation for the facade. Cladding panels from expanded material serve as an impressive insulation and natural decoration – it's a universal product! Practical and modern house facade with an intriguing darker colour will delight your friends and ensure unbelievable comfort of living.

Expanded cork panels – external style and internal functionality

Expanded cork MD boards are primarily used as a facade cladding and external wall insulation, but also for internal walls and ceilings. Unlike the other insulation materials, the product does not require any finishing or impregnation.

MD facade – sound proof insulation and much more

Expanded cork is an effective material for thermal, sound and anti-vibration insulation. Forget about cold or overheated interiors – natural thermal insulation will ensure the appropriate temperature during both low and high temperatures! Sound proof insulation and anti-vibration properties of the expanded cork will guarantee a blissful and peaceful atmosphere at home.

What's the size of insulating cladding panels?

Each facade cork panel has dimensions of 500 x 1000 mm. Our store's offer includes expanded cork boards in three different thicknesses: 40, 50 and 100 mm. For a better insulating effect, choose a higher thickness of the cladding panels and enjoy functional properties of your expanded insulation.

Top quality product and practical modern house facade

Wall cladding with high technical parameters? In our store you will find expanded cork panels created from stable and resistant material that retains its properties for decades. Expanded cork is resistant to pests, insects, chemicals, mould and fungi. It is also resistant to extremely high and low temperatures – from -180ºC to 120ºC.

What makes expanded cork so unique and effective?

Expanded cork is a product obtained during the process of heating natural cork – cork grains are placed in special forms and due to the high temperature, the material increases its volume. The bark releases suberin – a natural resin – which binds the grains into a single product. This form of natural cork guarantees higher parameters when it comes to insulation.

MD facade cladding – natural forever!

Expanded cork is a natural product that does not contain synthetic fillers. The production of expanded cork is sustainable – 90% of the energy used is covered by biomass (a by-product of our own industrial production). Cork is an ecological product that is recyclable and any waste from the industrial process is 100% recycled. A natural alternative to polystyrene or mineral wool!  
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