Natural cork infill for synthetic turf

The future of fields: Why are cork granules indispensable as a base for artificial grass?

Cork granules, serving as an artificial grass infill and for football fields, is an eco-friendly and natural filling that's gaining immense popularity! In times where we are moving away from plastic and rubber infills, cork granules as infill for synthetic turf offers a natural and eco-friendly alternative! Natural cork as an artificial lawn infill is a certified, legal choice that guarantees sustainable development and emphasizes top quality.

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A true revolution on the fields! Unique cork granules as a base for artificial grass

Cork granules for fields and as an artificial grass infill, due to its increased density, doesn't get displaced by wind between grass blades. This means that this unique artificial grass infill remains in place, protecting the grass from deformation and ensuring comfort of the turf throughout the year. Moreover, cork granules and synthetic grass infill effectively absorb moisture, which reduces the risk of slipping and falling. By choosing cork granules as your infill for synthetic turf, you create a safe space for athletes, children, and adolescents.

Natural appearance and utmost game comfort with the best artificial lawn infill!

When choosing an infill for fields, it's worth combining grass with cork granules. This not only makes the field aesthetically pleasing but also ensures excellent playing conditions. Cork granules and base for artificial grass is not just an artificial lawn infill – it's primarily a comfortable and safe space for every player! See for yourself how many possibilities the infill for synthetic turf offers.

Infill for synthetic turf the best base for artificial grass: an eco-solution for modern fields

Artificial grass infill is made from natural cork. Our infill for synthetic turf is a renewable, biodegradable product sourced from 100% natural origins. Base for artificial grass is free from chemical contaminants and harmful substances. Artificial lawn infill of natural cork addresses the needs of eco-friendly fields free from microplastics. By opting for cork granules as a base for artificial grass, you invest in the future, caring for the environment and the health of athletes.
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