Flooring expansion joints cork strips and liquid sealants

Flooring Expansion Joints? Go for Natural Cork!

Are you looking for the perfect expansion joint for your floor? Excellent! Flooring Expansion Joint from Natural Cork is an ideal choice. Discover the advantages of floor dilatation and choose a proven product!

Cork Dilatation Joints – why are they so important?

Connecting different types of floors (e.g. wood with tiles or carpets with laminated panels) requires creating an appropriate gap and the use of flooring expansion joint. Why? Lack of an expansion joint may uplift or crack the floors and lead to the accumulation of dirt. Take care of your cork floor and maintain its quality! Cork Expansion Joints are perfect as a connection between different types of floors and prevents deterioration of their quality.

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See and feel the advantage with Natural Cork

Cork Expansion Joint is a durable and reliable material that is exceptional for finishing various types of surfaces and floor dilatation. At the same time, it is an aesthetic and subtle floor finish. Cork Expansion Joints control the movement of the floor and serve as acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. Natural cork is also a moisture-resistant material. Your flooring expansion joint will absorb all the tensions and prevent deformation and damage to flooring.

Which one should I choose?

In our store, you will find Flooring Expansion Joints in the form of Cork Expansion Strips and Liquid Sealants. Cork expansion strips are placed during the installation of the floor, while cork liquid sealants are suitable for filling existing expansion gaps that were not secured during the installation of the surface. Perfect for filling expansion gaps in hard-to-reach places (e.g. near pipes, corners or door frames).

Ecological thinking!

Our Expansion Joints are products made from ecological and natural raw cork. Choose comfort and Cork Strips or Liquid Cork – allow yourself to live in harmony with nature!  
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