Cork pads for glass protection

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Cork pads and cork-foam pads are the most secure packaging material. They are used to professionally protect insulated glass, glass panes and car window panels when they are manufactured, stored and transported. Cork pads effectively protect fragile and brittle products against damage or scratches. They are often used only in certain spots to act as shock absorbents. Cork pads are made of 2 materials which have different properties, namely natural cork and synthetic foam. Cork is extremely durable and resistant to compression and crushing. Its mechanical properties enable it to properly distribute even heavy weight. Foam, on the other hand, guarantees that the cork layer sticks to glass surfaces. Thanks to it, pads don’t move during transport. We offer glass protective pads in bulk in boxes, in sheets and in a roll. Thanks to this variety of options to choose from, the product can be adjusted to your specific needs and you can stick the pads quickly and easily.

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