Medium grained cork sheets

Looking for the best cork board material?

Medium grained cork board sheets 640x950mm are ideal for making any surfaces to pin information, announcements, bulletins etc. to. High elasticity, great aesthetic and high shatter resistance make medium grained cork perfect for wall notice boards, display cases and information screens. When covering a larger surface remember about evening out the edges before the fixture – for example with a sharp wallpaper knife. Straight and smooth cork edges will decrease the joints between the sheets and enhance the end result.

What is the best thickness?

The most widely used pins have an 11mm tip. To pin office documents or family vacation photos securely and freely, a large cork board that is from 7 to 10mm thick is sufficient. If the pin is supposed to go all the way through without damaging the wall technical cork of 12 to 15mm thickness is the right fit. Cork boards of 4 to 5mm thick will be sufficient if there is a soft lining to which the cork notice board will be glued to for decorative purposes. Soft fibreboards, styrofoam or cardboard can be used. But if there are no budget constraints as to the cork pin board, the best the thick cork board of 20mm. Such a thick cork board can be glued directly to the wall or other surfaces, or can be used to make partitions between desktops that will reduce the noise and will serve as a practical and accessible cork pinboard.

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