Anti vibration mat HD expanded cork board

Anti vibration expanded High Density insulation cork panels effectively reduce or completely eliminate vibration and noise produced by heavy industrial machinery and equipment, transferred to the foundation. With the cork grains subjected to high temperature they increase their volume, and produce one of the components in the process - suberin - a natural binder of the expanding grains. This gives a balanced and unrivalled material with excellent thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation properties. In factories and other industrial entities, machines of certain size (usually the bigger the machine, the stronger the vibrations) create shaking motion while working, which leads to transmitting vibrations to the surroundings. This in turn may become damaging to elements of construction and create potential harm for people working near.

Reduction of vibration is, among others, the matter of safety the employees. Certain large machines may produce a lot of vibration which can be transmitted to other devices in their surroundings, as well to other neighbouring rooms. This means that vibrations and subsequent noise created by this shaking notion may become quite cumbersome, especially for people working long hours near these machines. Staying in noisy environment may be exhausting and in some extreme situations lead to hearing impairment. Thanks to proper acoustic insulation, which cork mat provides, the vibration and thus the din may be reduced, making the working environment healthier. Moreover, cork does not contain any toxic substances and is non-allergenic, hence is perfectly safe for people being exposed to this material.

Minimising shaking effect is also crucial for facility maintenance. Vibrations of running machinery may affect elements of construction or other parts of a given machine. Another issue worth noting is the unwanted movement of an unsteady device which may also lead to faster wear and tear, may influence the quality of functioning of a machine, and become another matter of safety for the employees. Cork mat is an excellent insulator with anti-shake properties, since it absorbs vibrations, preventing them from being transferred, for example to the foundations. Owing to this, cork is a perfect material for decreasing vibration occurring in places of work of heavy duty machinery like air-handling systems or presses. Using cork mat to insulation prevents vibrations from impacting other pieces of equipment surrounding the given machine that causes extensive shaking. It can be applied to floors, walls and ceilings. Processing this material is swift and easy – it requires only basic cutting tools and easily adheres to chosen surface.

Thanks to elasticity of cork material, anti-vibration mat HD expanded cork board is durable, resilient, decay proof, noise and vibration insulating. It is also resistant to compression imposed by heavy machinery thanks to cork structure, high density and flexibility. Hence, it can be easily put it under weighty tools and devices without fearing that the cork mat will be squashed underneath and wear out quickly. Additionally, it is a great thermal insulation which is also a vital quality, especially taking into the consideration the heat that might be created by the vibrations influencing tools and parts of construction being in close proximity to running machinery. What is more, cork mat is waterproof, does not absorb smell and is resilient to chemicals, thanks to which it is convenient in maintenance.

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