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Cork dust – bringing out even more from the cork material

A dry substance in the form of very small grains is an ideal material for construction, production of glassware, crafting, and more. Cork dust is the finest form of the fragmented material obtained from agglomerated cork. It can be used as an effective material for e.g. diaphragm walls, as an ingredient in the production of cork inserts and numerous gadgets in the sports industry. The applications are endless!

Why do we divide natural cork into smaller units?

Splitting natural cork up is a technique that gives never-ending possibilities. Cork in this form can be used in applications that are not possible with the traditional form of the raw material. Cork dust is obtained from carefully selected and clean pieces of natural cork.

Everything's better with good insulation

Did you know that cork is natural and effective insulation? Its thermal insulation properties will increase the heat-absorbing capacity of the building plasters. The addition of cork dust to the building materials guarantees enhanced insulation and a longer service life of the materials. Natural cork also reduces sound transmission, acting as sound-absorbing insulation.

What is the size of cork dust grains?

In our store, you can find cork dust in two sizes: 0-0.25 mm (the average density of 90-110 kg/m³) and 0.2-0.5 mm (the average density of 60-80 kg/m³). Both products are available in the size of 10 kilograms.

Other properties of cork dust

Powder consisting of extremely small cork bits is non-conductive. Cork dust is chemically inert and does not react with gases and liquids. An important factor when choosing cork dust as an insulating material is also that the powder is odourless. Moreover, cork is resistant to UV radiation and biological corrosion.

Carp fishing pop-ups – how can cork dust be used?

Cork dust with very fine grains is intended for anglers that wish to create fishing cork ball pop-ups. Natural cork is lightweight and has good buoyancy properties – just add cork dust to your hookbait mixes and experience the difference.

Crafting with cork dust

Cork dust is an ideal material for professional forming and shaping when mixed with a suitable binder. Perfect for Christmas cribs, dioramas, and scenography (e.g. as a filler for decorative items). Cork dust is also often used as a sand substitute. After forming, cork can be painted with acrylic paints, which will increase the attractiveness of the final product and mark it with a unique character.

Cork as an energy material

Cork in the form of dust can be used as an energy material. Natural cork used as biomass is a response to today's emission standards – oak cork is a renewable material.

Ecological = The best

Natural cork is a fully ecological material obtained from a raw material – cork oak bark. By choosing our product, you get pure cork granules that have no negative impact on the environment.  
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