Rubber cork gasket sheets

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Best rubber cork sheets for seals!

Looking for an easy and convenient way to seal? Rubber cork sheets are an innovative and versatile material that have a wide range of applications in various fields. Thanks to their elasticity and resistance to external factors, rubber cork sheets have become a popular sealing material.

Main advantages of rubber cork material

  • Elasticity: rubber cork sheets are very elastic and adapt to different surfaces, making them an ideal sealing material.

  • Resistance: the combination of cork and rubber provides resistance to many external factors, such as moisture, UV radiation, or chemical exposure, allowing rubber cork sheets to be used in different conditions.

  • Ease of installation: rubber cork sheets are easy to install and do not require specialized tools, allowing for quick and convenient application.

Discover our offer!

In our store, you will find rubber cork sheets in different thicknesses. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the perfect option for you. Order your rubber cork sheet today and enjoy a convenient way to seal!

Where are rubber cork seals used?

  • Automotive industry – engine seals.

  • Construction – protection of foundations and machinery against vibrations.

  • Gas industry – valve seals.

  • Wood industry – production of plywood.

  • Footwear – orthopedic insoles.

  • Electronics and electrical engineering – spacers for equipment in the energy industry, seals, and vibration insulation for transformers.
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