Cork fillers

Cork fillers: The eco-friendly choice for DIY and technical projects

Looking for a natural, eco-friendly solution for your filling needs? Cork Fillers! Our high-quality natural cork fillers are made from 100% natural cork, a lightweight and sustainable material that's perfect for filling in a variety of applications. Or maybe you want to create 3D leather by thinking outside the box? Renia 3D Embossing Filler adds a distinct, three-dimensional effect to leather goods.

Liquid Spray Cork Sealant – the smart choice for a better seal

If you're searching for a superior way to seal gaps and joints, try Cork Sealant for expansion joint! Our natural cork sealant is perfect for filling gaps and joints in a variety of applications. And because it's made from natural eco cork, it's lightweight, and provides a long-lasting seal.

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Renia Cork Filler – the ultimate solution for shoe repairs

Our premium cork filler paste is perfect for repairing soles, filling in gaps, and providing support to tired shoes. And because it's made from natural cork, it's lightweight, eco-friendly, and gentle on the feet. Cork Filler for shoes is a great product that provides cushioning and support, making every step a pleasure. And because it's lightweight and eco-friendly, you can feel good about your choice.

Discover the advantages of 3D Embossing Filler for effortless leather customization

The 3D Embossing Filler is a single product that offers superior qualities. It's highly convenient to use, as there's no need to mix multiple ingredients, the product is ready to go. This makes it perfect for both seasoned artists and beginners embarking on their 3D leather journey.
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