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Cork granules (granulated cork)

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Unique properties and versatile use.

Do you know that in many areas of life the cork granules are used? Cork boards sheets, cork floors tilles, cork gaskets, cork insulations. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! This sustainable, ecological and natural material works equally well in construction, during the production of glassware and... golf balls. It all depends on what form you reach for it and what is your idea of using it.

The granulated cork is defined as mechanically chopped pieces of solid bark, obtained most often in the process of making cork stoppers. Cork granules can be divided into cork dust, cork grains and cork aggregate. A special type of granuled cork is regranulated cork, which is produced as a result of grinding waste from a processed agglomerated cork. It has similar properties to cork granules, and at the same time is more economical from it.
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