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Cork granules – taking natural material to the next level of usability and functionality!

Our online store offers a wide range of cork material in different forms, shapes and sizes. Everybody will be satisfied! This time we would like to present to you cork granules – a product with unique properties of cork but in the form of a fragmented material! By reaching for natural cork granules, you explore yet another composition of ecological cork which will be ideal for a wide variety of industries: the construction section, sport, art, gardening, floristry, home breeding and many more. Natural cork in this original and useful form will surprise you with its practicality and potential. Multitude applications!

How are cork granules made? How can I use it?

Cork granules are mechanically fragmented pieces of cork bark, most often obtained during the production of cork stoppers. The process of breaking the cork material into pieces does not negatively affect its quality and usefulness. Cork granules retain their unique properties – effective thermal insulation and acoustic insulation parameters, resistance to UV radiation, and flexibility. Cork granules is a durable product that demonstrates mechanical strength and biological resistance. Cork in the form of granules is a light product – perfect for e.g. glass factories or theatre industries (as a material for creating stage decorations). Cork granules are used in the production of cork boards, cork floor boards, cork gaskets and serve as efficient cork insulation. Granulated cork can also be used in gardening as one of the ingredients of the substrate for plants, artificial grass or a filling of artificial sports fields – as sustainable ground cover. Many possibilities and just one product!

What types of granulated cork can I find in your store? Cork dust, granulated cork, cork pieces and more!

Cork granules are available in various sizes and structures, from the finest cork dust to larger pieces. Cork in the form of granules also differs in density. We divide fragmented cork into cork dust, granulated cork and cork pieces. Cork dust is the finest ground cork – the diameter of the grains is usually less than 0.5 mm. Granulated cork consists of bigger grains than cork powder and varies in size – visit its section above to explore all the available options. Cork pieces are larger, irregular cork bits, which typically measure a few centimetres. Additionally, we also offer specially dedicated types of cork granules: cork infill (for pitches and playfields), expanded cork granules and coloured cork granules. 

Natural and safe for all!

Cork granules is a product that is becoming more and more popular among our clients. Why? Cork granules are a completely natural, healthy and non-toxic product, which opens new doors and gives unusual opportunities. While producing cork granules, we focus on sustainable production and exclusion of adhesives and artificial fillers. Natural is always the best!
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