Cork granules (granulated cork)

Unique properties and versatile use.

Do you know that in many areas of life the cork granules are used? Cork boards sheets, cork floors tilles, cork gaskets, cork insulations. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! This sustainable, ecological and natural material works equally well in construction, during the production of glassware and... golf balls. It all depends on what form you reach for it and what is your idea of using it.

The granulated cork is defined as mechanically chopped pieces of solid bark, obtained most often in the process of making cork stoppers. Cork granules can be divided into cork dust, cork grains and cork aggregate. A special type of granuled cork is regranulated cork, which is produced as a result of grinding waste from a processed agglomerated cork. It has similar properties to cork granules, and at the same time is more economical from it.

Where is cork dust used?

Cork granules are used in construction as a material for fracture walls, as well as a component of heat-insulating plasters and light concrete. In the sports industry, it is used for the production of baseball, hockey and fishing accessories. Other industries use it in modeling, for molding in the production of glassware, as a component for the production of cork inserts, batteries, glue composites, etc. The cork dust can also be applied in the production of organic pouffes and armchairs.

The lower the specific gravity of the granulated cork, then the quality of the material is higher, and thus the better technical and visual characteristics of the cork. Densities occur from 45kg / m3 to 120kg / m3. The wide range of the cork grains is adapted to the respective cork applications in the industry. Standard fractions are: 0.5-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-3mm, 3-5mm, 3-7mm. The cork dust after mixing with the appropriate binder, is an excellent material for making designer and clever details by molding. Obtained object can be mechanically processed and freely finished.

What parameters does this particular product have?

The price is directed to a package of 30kg cork granules with a fraction of 1-2 mm and the average density of 65kg / m3. The purchase of a smaller quantity is only possible via e-mail, based on an individually prepared commercial offer. While buying a larger quantity of cork granules, the price is negotiable.