Easy to install expanded cork Lambourde

Lambourde expanded insulation cork is the most recent solution of the Portuguese cork insulation manufacturer Amorim Isolamentos. Lambourde cork panels is a classic expanded cork tile with two longitudinally positioned OSB mounting strips. Such solution allows for a quick fixture of the expanded cork sheets using fast montage pins. At the same time drywall or MDF panels can be fixed to these strips using wood screws.

Lambourde expanded insulation cork sheets are natural, balanced and unbeatable cork products that, with this special type of agglomerated cork, do not contain polyurethane or any other fillers or additives. Due to the high temperature processing treatment it expands (similarly to popcorn) and suberine that is releases during is a natural adhesive that binds the expanding grains. This way we produce a wonderful, natural and sustainable material that offers a perfect vibroisolation, thermal insulation and acoustic isolation.

System Lambourde expanded cork sheets with drywall guarantees as effective problem-solving of any problems related to the acoustic and vibration isolation, as well as thermal insulation that are present not only in the new constructions, but also during renovation works. Great isolation combined with easy and quick installation make this sustainable system a perfect construction solution.

Paint, finish or wallpaper - do you have to finish it?

Expanded cork insulation Lamburd can be finished after installation without any restrictions. Cork sheets after thorough cleaning can be painted with any paint, varnish or stain, emphasizing or minimizing the structure of the cork. For enthusiasts of a more smooth and traditional surface, we recommend positioning on the expanded cork board of a flexible finishing coat on the reinforcing mesh. The lightweight design of drywall with an air gap in the middle, will provide additional insulation of the partition. The most economical and the least labor-intensive form of finishing will be... leaving the cork insulation without finishing! The original structure of the black expanded cork will bring to your interior a raw and natural atmosphere, and such a cork wall for many years, can serve as the best cork board wall for the whole family!

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