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Expanded cork Lambourde – pure and effective home insulation from eco cork!

Expanded cork panel Lambourde is a modern and ecological insulating product – thanks to its smart and well-considered structure it is a highly practical material, both in terms of properties and installation. Cork insulation board is an ideal alternative to polystyrene and mineral wool! A universal product – expanded cork can be used for the construction of new buildings as well as these in need of renovation.

Looking for the best insulation? Expanded cork board! Sound proof insulation and more

What makes expanded cork an excellent insulation? Cork grains are heated to high temperature and subjected to high pressure in special forms. The pieces of cork swell and expand – like popcorn. Thanks to the process, we can create a product which is characterised by exceptional insulating properties. Cork insulation boards Lambourde serve as sound insulation, thermal insulation, and anti-vibration material with great parameters and reduced thickness. The thermal conductivity of expanded cork is 0.037-0.040 W/mK. Cork boards provide fantastic acoustic insulation – cork eliminates the sounds and reduces the noise by up to 59 dB, which ensures a quiet and comfortable place. Perfect for use under wood or plasterboard as floor insulation and wall insulation.

Size and thickness of expanded wall insulation board

The dimensions of the expanded cork panel are 500 x 1000 mm. In our store you will find cork insulation board in three thicknesses: 40, 50, 60 mm. Remember – a bigger thickness of the wall insulation board guarantees a better insulating effect.

Easy installation with expanded cork Lambourde

Cork insulation boards ensure a quick installationexpanded cork panels are equipped with evenly distributed OSB mounting strips, so you can use dowels for quick assembly during the installation. A drywall or MDF board can be attached with wood screws. After the installation, expanded cork boards can optionally be painted with e.g. paint or varnish.

Insulating materials of the finest quality

Wall insulation cork boards are a guarantee of high-quality! Expanded cork is an exceptionally durable product, which is resistant to chemicals, mould or high temperatures. The panels do not change their size in the temperature range from -180ºC to 120ºC. Moreover, their technical properties remain unchanged even up to 50 years!

Your perfect natural cork insulation

Expanded cork board is a completely natural product without the addition of polyurethane and other artificial additives. Just pure nature with a resin that is produced during the heating process of cork grains. Eco cork is recyclable and the production of the materials is as sustainable as possible. Quality goes hand in hand with nature!  
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