Cork gravel

Cork Underlay for Model Railways: The foundation of excellence with Cork Gravel!

A strong foundation is the key to success, and the same goes for model railways. Introducing our Cork Underlay for Model Railways, the ultimate choice for stability and performance. Cork Gravel provides a cushioning effect, ensuring smooth operation and protecting your delicate tracks from potential damage.

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Cork Gravel: The railway ballast of choice

High-quality Cork Granules and Gravel Cork perfectly imitate real railway aggregates, making your model railway scenery truly captivating. Whether you're working with an H0 scale or any other format, our Cork Gravel is the ideal choice for ballasting track and creating a smooth ride for your model trains.

Model railway crushed stone: Smooth, silent and eco-friendly Cork Gravel

Cork Gravel not only mimics the appearance of real materials but also provides a quiet and lightweight foundation for your model railway. Natural cork's superior shock absorption properties ensure a smooth ride and minimize vibrations, creating an immersive experience!

Unleash your creativity with Cork Gravel

Cork Gravel is not only perfect for ballasting track, but it also offers endless possibilities for creating stunning model railway landscapes. Use it to build realistic embankments, form natural slopes, or even design intricate scenery details. With Cork Gravel, your model railway will become a masterpiece that showcases your unique style.
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