Granulated cork insulation

Transforming Expanded Cork into... Granulated Cork!

In search of a versatile granulated material? Avoid squandering your finances on seemingly efficient and stable products that disappoint upon closer inspection. Granulated Expanded Cork Insulation is your ideal, lightweight solution for unique applications! Granules of Expanded Cork exhibit a naturally darker shade, offering exceptional decorative features. This material is excellent for simulating dirt or pebbles, making it an ideal choice for filling in your garden or terrarium.

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Dimensions and Uses of Granulated Cork Insulation

The size of the granules in expanded cork ranges from 3 to 10 mm (with an average density of 60-70 kg/m³). Granules of Expanded Cork Insulation are effortless to use thanks to their light and manageable form! These granules are engineered for efficient and practical insulation, particularly in difficult-to-access areas.

Enhancing Insulation with Expanded Cork

Expanded Cork outperforms other materials in insulation capabilities. This is largely due to the heat treatment process it undergoes, which enhances its functional properties. Protect the environment, save energy, and reduce costs! Expanded Cork Granules provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Expanded Cork Granules? The Most Eco-Friendly Approach

Our Granulated Cork Insulation made from Expanded Cork is completely safe and natural, posing no harm to the environment. Free from synthetic binders or chemicals, expanded cork is non-allergenic and recyclable. Plus, did you know that natural cork acts as a CO₂ sink, absorbing four times the CO₂ compared to other trees? Truly remarkable!

Cork Applications in Building Materials and Film Productions!

Expanded Cork Insulation in its granulated form is a popular choice in construction – used for filling the interiors of double walls, insulating gable roofs by placing it loosely between joists, as well as in wall cavities or under floors. Granules of Expanded Cork find a unique use in movie productions, often employed to simulate debris in explosive scenes.

The Eco-Friendly Process of Making Granulated Cork Insulation – Zero Waste!

Curious about how Expanded Cork is made? Here's the process: Natural cork is heated at extremely high temperatures inside special molds. This procedure allows the material to release resin, specifically suberin, which serves as a natural adhesive for the granules. This heating causes the cork granules to expand, endowing them with superior qualities compared to other materials. The granules of expanded cork are derived from the leftovers of Expanded Cork Board production. This approach ensures no wastage and underscores our commitment to sustainable manufacturing!
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