Cork tapes

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Have you been looking for a perfect ecological tape? Any satisfactory products? Great news – you've just found it.

Our cork tape is a flagship product, chosen and praised by many of the customers. How did it become the customers' favorite so quickly? Let us explain.

Practical and reliable material that is simply second to none

Agglomerated and natural cork is a stable, lightweight material, created by nature from hydrophobic substances. What does this mean in practice? Minimizing the absorption of water. Do you need a waterproof seal? That would be the best choice. Our cork tape is a heat-resistant material. Also resistant to fungus, mold and weather conditions. Thanks to its structure, it will serve as a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

Incredible flexibility and sustainable product within your hands

If you need a highly flexible material, you will be more than delighted with the use of our cork tape. The material is flexibile and durable, which gives a great deal of scope for action.

Choose cork material if you care about the environment

We guarantee 100% natural and plastic free tape. You get a useful and eco-friendly tape – 2 in 1.

How can I use the cork roll?

The use of cork tape depends on its thickness and width, but there are plenty of uses! Do you need a cork material for boards? Or maybe you produce sustainable shoes? Our tape will be perfect for this and more. Cork gaskets, eco cars, sustainable houses, just to name a few, will highly benefit from the use of the tape. Choose cork and make your life easier. Visit our products for more details.
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