Fine grained self adhesive cork wall tiles

Are you looking for a cork products manufacturer? This is the right place!

If you are interested in specific products made of fine grained cork, please send us your inquiry. Every day we manufacture all kinds of details from the cork. We have extensive experience in the processing of this material, so we provide you with our know-how at every stage of cooperation. It doesn't matter if your idea is in the concept phase or you want to change your existing partner. We are happy to prepare an individual commercial offer for you. Maybe we will do it cheaper, faster and better than your current supplier?

In need of a cork that is easy and fast to fix?

Self-adhesive cork is the right fit for everyone that appreciates simple, fast and uncomplicated solutions. Self-adhesive cork tile with strong and durable glue was created due to the demand for easy and fast fixing of the cork sheets. The used glue is very strong, so the panels can be applied on both smooth and slightly rugged surfaces. The only condition for beginning the fixing is a completely dustless, clean and dry surface. That is why it is extremely important to prepare the surface carefully, meaning its staining or thorough cleaning. Cork needs to be fixed carefully and mindfully, as the glue binds with the surface instantly. This product is perfectly executed, easy to fix and more practical than traditional cork! Order, unpack, acclimate, take off the protective foil, put on the wall... and enjoy natural cork in any place you want!

The best self-adhesive cork tiles for cutting, milling and engraving?

Fine grained self-adhesive cork board sheets 635x940mm are a perfect material for any type of self-adhesive formats, cut-outs, profiles, seals, coasters, supports or dividers. Its high elasticity and uniformity, as well as very smooth surface and shatter resistance make it a great material used in production of various goods, such as: merchandise, shoe insoles, gaskets and many more. For the production of merchandise (i.e. coasters) we use cork sheets from 0.8 to 3mm thick. Cork combines perfectly with paper, cardboard, foam, plastics etc. For shoe industry (wedges, heels, lining, insoles) we offer sheets that are 5, 7 and 10mm thick. Fine grained cork of 2 to 5mm thickness is used for the production of gaskets, seals and clutch lining.

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