Cork roll 2mm

Where is Cork in a Roll used? Multitude of applications!

A Cork Roll with a thickness of 2 mm is an exceptionally practical and universal material! 2mm Cork Roll is successfully used in the clothing industry in the production of, e.g. insoles for shoes or caps. Cork in a Roll is a great material for creating non-slip surfaces, cork coasters and restaurant mats that ensure the highest quality. Natural Cork Roll is ideal for companies that create seals for their own needs or by special order. Cork Sheet Roll will also serve as a protective insert for shelves, which will cover your surface and protect it against scratching. In our assortment you will find a lot of products – many different lengths and widths of 2mm Cork Roll and Decorative Natural Wall ESTELA!

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What about the physical appearance of a Cork Roll? Can I cut it?

Natural cork is a decoration that is very aesthetic and classy! Cork Roll gives different items and gadgets a unique and natural look. Are you planning to cut natural cork? 2mm Cork Roll is a material that can be easily cut with a cork knife that can be also bought in our online store. Thanks to your Cork in a Roll, you can create various original shapes that will give one-of-a-kind finishing to your products!

2mm Cork Roll – Quality and installation

Many years of experience enable us to offer a product of the highest quality! You will enjoy great properties of cork for years, as the material retains its quality. Natural Cork Roll is resistant to damage and humidity. It is a pleasant-to-touch and relatively soft material that is also easy to clean. Before installation, remember to unpack the product and store it for 72 hours in order to acclimatise the product.

Nature is everything! Reach for a practical Cork Sheet Roll

Our Cork Roll is a natural and environmentally-friendly material. When designing and creating our products, we make sure that the production is as sustainable as possible. By choosing our materials, you are also choosing a better future for the environment! Natural cork is a safe product for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as it does not attract dust. Nature is the best, that's for sure!  
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