Self adhesive colored cork notice board sheets - noticeboard tiles

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Self adhesive cork is not enough? Meet coloured cork board!

A coloured self adhesive cork board tiles will win your heart if you value simple, quick and trouble-free solutions. The need to easily and quickly assemble a practical technical cork board sheet in any place, resulted in the creation of a colour pin board with a layer of strong and durable adhesive. The self adhesive coloured cork board is a standard cork sheet covered on one side with a strong self adhesive layer, and on the other resistant to washing Tikkurila paint.

To which surfaces can a coloured cork board be attached?

Thanks to the use of a special self adhesive layer, the coloured cork boards sheet can be easily applied on all smooth as well as slightly rough substrates. It is necessary only a clean and dry surface, therefore, before installation, it is worth cleaning the substrate from dust and moisture. Be careful when assembling, as the adhesive grips immediately after contact with the ground. Self-adhesive cork tiles are not a standard product. It is manufactured upon special order in selected thickness, grain and quantity. The product will be completely customized and made to fit your preferences. That is why we urge you to think your order through, because in case you change your mind we cannot accept any returns.

Is there anything larger?

Format 455x610mm and 635x940mm are the two standard sizes for coloured self-adhesive cork sheets. If you are interested in larger sheets, coloured cork boards in 100x100cm and 100x200cm will be a perfect fit. Our self adhesive coloured cork board have a variety of applications limited only by imagination and creativity. We offer a wide range of cork products to meet different requirements of our clientele. We invite you to spend a little time to get to know our cork products better! Natural cork is produced with care for low energy usages, practically non-existent emission and minimum environmental impact. Choosing 100% natural cork products, you are contributing to the development of responsible, innovative and sustainable solutions, help protect our environment and future generations.

What mistakes to avoid?

Last but not least! Natural cork is a product that is very sensitive to changes in humidity. If the humidity drops the sheet will shrink. Due to changing conditions during warehousing and transport we recommend resting the natural cork for 48 hours in the same conditions it will be installed. This will prevent from creating any gaps between the sheets. Such situations are very common especially during winter and autumn seasons, when cold and moist cork is delivered to a warm and dry space. That is why any natural cork purchases should be done with a few days notice to be able to prepare it correctly and, at the same time, avoid additional costs and unwanted stress.
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