Cork roll 3mm - rolled sheets of cork

The universal cork sheet roll? Discover our 3 mm bestseller!

Cork roll with a thickness of 3mm is the product most commonly used among our customers from a natural cork. First of all, there are various varieties of cork coasters, which perform three functions: they delight the eye with the original aesthetics of the cork, are a practical and popular gadget and carry marketing activities. Are you struggling with the production of cork placemats? You just found a new supplier.

The producers of advertising boards and cork cabinets are following the manufacturers of advertising stands. Neither textile or chalk or whiteboard, or even magnetic, no match encountered anywhere and nothing irreplaceable corkboard. It does not matter if you put a stopper on a full frame or you frame it for a large corporation or you produce employee furniture with large cork walls for large corporations-3mm cork board roll awaits for your order.

One cork material, a huge number of applications. And what is yours?

To the delight of carpenters and upholsterers, cork rolls with a thickness of 3mm feel great in the company of wood and textiles. If you use a stream every day or you are a tacker virtuoso, you will be interested in this product. Also any companies that produce the best wallpapers, pictures and wall, do not pass indifferently about our offers for 3mm rolls of cork. Not many people know that for the production of good doors, the 3mm cork roll is used! Well, unless you are the head of production in the factory of acoustic doors and you are looking for a reliable and reliable supplier of cork products with the best parameters of acoustic insulation. We are ready to close our natural cork in your doors.

Cork rolls 3mm are also indispensable in the production of yachts and boats made of polyester-glass laminates, road signs and all sorts of technical seals. They are also an alternative to cheaper cork underlayments for panels and a frequent visitor in many printing and bookbinding houses. Cork rolls are included in the designs of well-known architects, and assembled by the best specialists. They accompany "Product Managers" in Advertising Agencies and Telemarketers in every "Call Center". What is a well-designed "Open Space" without an easily accessible cork surface on the wall, when there is a need for fast and easy fixing of new ideas in a visible place?

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