Cork roll 3mm - rolled sheets of cork

The best material for the production of modern gadgets? Opt for a Cork Roll!

Portuguese Cork is a material loved by our customers! Not only because of its practicality, but also because of its natural origin. Natural cork is a universal material, and thousands of our satisfied customers confirm that! Cork Roll 3mm is the perfect material for craft projects – various shapes can be cut out of cork (circles, flowers, etc.). This makes it a great material for designing cork pads, but not only! The material is also successfully used in the footwear industry, for the production of sports mats and accessories for fishing rods. Cork Roll is an efficient material for the projects that require larger cork sizes. Natural cork looks great combined with other materials, e.g. wood!

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Can I use it as a Cork Wall Covering Roll?

Sure! Natural cork will emphasise a unique style of your interior and transform any space! Not just at home – Cork Board Roll is often used in the production of yachts or boats, giving it a classy and modern look. Natural cork protects against scratches and dirtCork Roll 3mm is especially practical in the kitchen, where cooking accessories are used on a daily basis.

Simple and quick installation with your Cork Roll 3mm

Are you tired of noise and chaos during renovations? Natural Cork is for you! This time you will not need to use dowels or screws – a proper and convenient cork contact adhesive will be enough! We recommend Wakol D-3540 that you can find in our store. Before installation, clean the surface thoroughly and wait until it dries.

Why is it worth choosing a Cork Board Roll?

Cork Roll is a durable material that does not easily crumble – you can cover your furniture with a protective layer of cork. In addition, Cork Board Roll is pleasant and soft to touch, and its natural, brown colour delights with a natural appearance. Eco cork doesn't attract dust – definitely easier to keep clean than other materials!

Cork Roll – Available size

Thanks to natural cork, we create natural products in various thicknesses and formats. In our store, you will find a large selection of different lengths that will help you choose the perfect material. Cork Roll 3mm is not too thick, but it is more durable than the thinner options.
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