Decorative expanded 3D facade wall cork

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Can a cork facade delight with its design?

It doesn't impress, sheet throws on knees. Expanded 3D cork wall tile is an absolutely original combination of thermal and acoustic insulation with an exceptionally original form. Bold cork shapes are obtained in the process of milling the expanded cork on a specially adapted machine tool. It allows to obtain any geometry of the surface, limited only by the imagination of the designer. Expanded decorative cork wall is one of the few insulation materials that simultaneously calms down, retains heat and catches the eye. Because no other insulating material is able to combine excellent insulating properties with a naturally beautiful surface structure.

Are you looking for perfect insulation and an even better look?

If you've got bored with wallpaper, ceramics or wood, it's time to reach for a solution that nobody has! By choosing a decorative expanded cork wall you gain more heat in your home, increase privacy and acoustic comfort in the rooms and provide yourself, your family and friends, with an unusual design and aesthetic experience. In our offer you will find 8 most unconventional designs of decorative expanded cork wall tiles. Four patterns from Wave series with wave structure, simple BarCode, two circular Circles and PointCloud point. Meet them all and choose the one that most will go to your tastes.
  • Wave L1. A pattern analogous to the previous one, distinguished only by a flatly cut back of the wave. It looks great on narrow and high surfaces, such as façades, staircases, etc.

  • Wave L2. Absolutely uncompromising variety of Wave L1. Very deep and coarsely designed design is dedicated to the bold and eye-catching facade. It will be difficult to look away.

  • Wave S1. The most delicate version of the expanded cork with a wavy structure. Shallow depressions allow for a chiaroscuro effect even with limited light.

  • BarCode M1. The only cork tiles in the range, consisting only of straight edges. The inspiration for its creation was the bar code structure. The perfect design for a luxury store?

  • Circles M1. The formula obtained by skilful many overlapping circles. It will be an ideal counterbalance to sharp shapes and strong colours.

  • Circles M2. Softened version of the Circles M1 decor, designed for light and subtly designed interiors. Cork tile wall will blend in both modern and austere architecture, as well as interiors full of exquisite works of art.

  • PointCloud M1. Expressive and concrete structure, reminiscent of the bombardment of golf balls. Perfectly absorbs sound waves and eliminates reverberation. A great alternative to acoustic foam in recording studios or conference rooms.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of expanded cork insulation. Certainly you will choose a formula that will soon appeal to you and make you discover in your everyday surroundings a completely new personality, and maybe even sophistication.
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