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Your framed cork board – focus on usability and modern look!

Piles of documents and papers cluttering your desk? Would you like to get rid of that chaos in your room? We have a perfect solution for that! Organize your bills, notes, and cards with the help of our framed cork board. Choose a functional and aesthetic interior decoration that will make your life easier and more enjoyable!

Which cork board will you choose for yourself?

We present you a full choice of decorative cork boards – find a perfect framed cork board for you! Our offer includes framed cork boards in aluminium, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and wooden frames. The choice of frame depends on its usage, and each one presents many colourful options that you can discover by clicking on the desired category (see above)! If you want to become a happy owner of a framed cork board, which will be useful and will not get lost in the crowd, then choose a colourful cork board! But if you appreciate the natural beauty, you can choose an elegant wood framed cork board or a cork board without a frame.

Intelligent design that will delight everyone!

Framed cork boards are exceptionally universal and due to their original design will find their place everywhere. Use your decorative framed cork board at home, in your office or as a bulletin board at school and discover all the advantages of this practical decoration! Decide how you will use your framed cork board – important dates? Photos? Children's drawings? There's no wrong answer, the possibilities are endless! Framed cork board is very convenient and suitable for using push pins and needles. The installation is also very simple – the set includes all the necessary elements you will need.

Sustainable development with eco cork

Be eco-friendly with us! Our framed cork boards are eye-catching, useful, and also made of the highest quality Portuguese cork. Cork is an ecological and durable material – by choosing our product, you support ecology and select a top-quality product!
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