Rubber cork underlay

The best underfloor Cork Underlayment for high intensity: Rubber Cork Underlayment

The Rubber Cork Underlayment is a unique solution for flooring that requires high density, durability, and mechanical strength, along with the best thermal and acoustic insulation properties. By adding a portion of rubber regranulate to the cork granules, the Cork Rubber Underlayment offers superior performance. With a 3x higher density compared to cork underlayment, it effectively eliminates impact noise, making it ideal for heavily loaded residential, commercial, public, and industrial floors.

Make your floors feel warm and cosy with Natural Cork Rubber Floor Underlay

Say goodbye to chilly feet and hello to warm flooring with our Natural Cork Rubber Floor Underlay. Cork Rubber Rolls are made from a mixture of natural cork and rubber, making them a durable and long-lasting solution for most types of floors. Our Cork Rubber Flooring Underlay not only increases the thermal insulation of your floor, but also effectively evens out minor imperfections in the subfloor. Plus, it provides excellent acoustic insulation, reducing the impact and airborne noise in your space (your feet and ears will thank you).

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Say goodbye to squeaky floors with our Acoustic Rubber Cork Flooring Underlay

Do you dread walking across your creaky and squeaky floors, especially when someone is sleeping or studying? It's time to put an end to those unwanted sounds with Flooring Underlay. Our Floor Underlay Cork Rubber Rolls provide outstanding sound insulation, reducing the noise of impact and airborne sounds, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment. Plus, our Cork Rubber Rolls are designed to last, so you can rest easy knowing that your floors will remain silent and comfortable for years to come.

Enjoy a more functional floor with Cork Rubber Flooring Underlay for laminate and more

Rubber Cork Underlay is resistant to wear and tear, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Additionally, it's unaffected by liquids and gases, making it an excellent moisture barrier. Our warm and flexible Rubber Underlay Cork Rolls are easy to install and provide an excellent cushioning layer for your flooring, reducing the stress on the joints and prolonging the lifespan of your floor.

Floor Underlay Cork Rubber – the versatile and functional solution for all types of floors

Are you unsure which type of flooring underlay is right for your floor? Our Rubber Cork Floor Underlay is compatible with most types of flooring, including laminate, hardwood, carpet, and vinyl. Whether you're renovating your home or installing new floors, our Cork Rubber is the versatile and functional solution you need!
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