Fine grained cork sheets

Technical cork for those who need more! Fishing, automotive industry, and more

Large cork sheets – one of the most popular products in our store! Why? Technical cork is successfully used in many industries. Great material for cutting out different shapes using professional machines or simply with a sharp knife. A cork board sheet is often used for the production of reliable seals or clutch linings – in this case, we recommend a thickness of 2 to 5 mm. The best material for creating mats, handles, or various cork accessories.

Creating modern gadgets with cork board sheet

Natural cork is a fantastic material for creating cork gadgets, allowing you to personalise the products. A cork board is used for creating, e.g. cork coasters, elements of toys or insoles for shoes. For the footwear industry, we recommend the sheets with a thickness of 5, 7 and 10 mm. You can create an engraving or a print on natural cork.
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Are you dreaming of a delightful cork wall in your home?

Large cork sheets serves as an ideal wall material that creates an aesthetic and, above all, durable surface. The cork board will give the interior an original look!

Why is it worth choosing natural cork and large cork sheets?

  • Natural cork is a great thermal and acoustic insulation – give yourself blissful relaxation and peace at your home,
  • natural cork is resistant to moisture and high temperatures,
  • cork is a safe material that is recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as it does not attract dust,
  • an antistatic product.

All you need is natural

Portuguese cork is a material more and more often chosen by customers around the world! Natural cork is obtained from cork oak with great precision and care. Sustainable cork is a safe, recyclable and renewable material.
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