Cork roll 0,8mm

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Thinner material than a typical cork sheet? Cork roll 0.8 mm!

Are you looking for thin cork material? A 0.8 mm cork roll is the thinnest material available in our store! This particular type of cork board roll is 100 m long, but you can choose from two options which differ in width – the available dimensions of the thin cork roll are:

  • 0.8 mm x 1.22 m x 100 m,
  • 0.8 mm x 1 m x 100 m.

What do you use a cork board roll for? Boards, footwear, and more

A cork roll with a thickness of 0.8 mm is most often used for the production of cork coasters, boards and shoes. A thin cork board roll is ideal for covering other materials that are durable or stiff (e.g. porous fibreboard, cardboard or foam). Such a board can also be framed in a wooden or aluminium frame. The footwear industry uses the cork roll 0.8 mm to create comfortable shoe linings that are resilient – also for orthopaedic footwear.

Reach for a functional, useful and proven thin cork roll!

The cork board roll is a high-quality product that is useful and durable! Natural cork is a non-slip material that adheres precisely to the surface. Sustainable cork is resistant to moisture and water. The lightness and flexibility of the thin cork roll makes it a great material that can be successfully used in many industries.

Don't worry, it's natural

Did you know that cork is a natural, ecological and environmentally-friendly product? This is also why our customers are so satisfied when they use this extraordinary material! During the production of our cork rolls, the final product is made by combining ecological material with a natural binder. The power of cork comes from nature itself!

Any other sizes of a cork roll?

If you want to use cork for a decorative function, it is worth choosing a thinner cork roll because the material visually looks the same as a thicker roll but is cheaper. However, a thickness from 2 to 10 mm should be used in cases where there is a need to use a material that is more solid and resistant to stretching. If you do not know what thickness of the cork roll to choose, you can order our sample set! The 0.8 mm cork board roll should not be used as a cork underlay for panels or as an insulation.
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