Cork roll 0,8mm

Need a thin cork material for the manufacture of coasters, boards or shoes?

The 0.8mm thick cork roll is used by the best manufacturers of advertising cork coasters, cork boards, cork insoles, cork veneers and many others. The thinnest available roll of cork, we only offer in full rolls of min. 100 meters current. Only cork rolls with a width of 100cm, 122cm and 150cm are available. There is no possibility of buying a 0.8mm cork material in smaller quantities or with different widths.

In what applications does a thin natural cork mat work?

During the production of boards and advertising cabinets, the cork on a roll 0.8 mm is glued with a soft primer, such as porous fibreboard, rigid cardboard or foam. The whole is framed in a lightweight and sturdy wooden or aluminum frame and it gives us classic cork board. While producing the cork coasters, the cork is laminated with cardboard and then punched on knife cutters. Footwear manufacturers appreciate the natural, ecological and nature friendly character of the natural cork, using it as a shoe lining. Breathable and resilient cork sole provides comfort even during long periods of use. In more demanding applications, cork rolls 0.8mm are used for the production of decorative veneers, furniture fronts and ornamental lining. Due to the low thickness of the natural cork, its use is usually optimum in combination with other material of appropriate rigidity and strength. The cork mat 0.8mm shouldn’t be used as a cork underlayment under panels or an cork insulation.

What about thicker cork rolls?

Why does not a thicker cork tiles apply to these applications? Because the cork material performs primarily a decorative function there. The optically thinner cork material looks the same as the thicker one, and from an economic point of view, it is several times cheaper. Where it is necessary to use a thicker cork, use our cork board roll with a thickness of 2 to 10mm. With the cork sheet roll thickness increase, its stiffness, bending and stretching strength are also increased. If you are not sure what the thickness of the cork will be perfect for your needs, dispel all doubts, by reading the description of our products. If you don’t find the answer to your questions on the pages of our store, look for them at our commercial advisor, and if this consultation isn’t enough, ask for free samples.

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