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Expanded cork – use the best wall materials for your house!

The unusual properties of expanded cork ensure that you get an ideal wall material and impressive insulation of building partitions while choosing our product. Natural insulation boards are an effective alternative to mineral wool and polystyrene! With these high quality wall panels, you will finish and renew your interior in the best way – expanded cork is a wall decoration and efficient insulation. Insulation boards can be used both inside and outside the building. Discover all the benefits of expanded wall panels – and there are plenty of them!

Expanded cork? What is it?

Natural cork is heated in special moulds, in which the cork grains expand and swell – just like popcorn. The cork material is exposed to temperatures above 350 degrees, which causes the grains to expand. During the process, a natural resin is released – it bonds the pieces of cork together. Expanded cork owes the extraordinary properties to its unusual structure, that is a result of the heating process. No artificial additives! The advantage of the product lies in its nature.

The best insulation board on the market! Thermal insulation and much more

Expanded cork is a reliable building insulationthermal, acoustic and anti-vibration. The thermal conductivity of expanded cork is 0.037-0.040 W/mK, and the noise can be reduced by up to 59 dB. Sound proof insulation with its irregular structure disperses all sounds and eliminates annoying room reverberation.

What size and types of expanded wall panels are available?

The size of a cork board is 500 x 1000 mm. In our online store you will find various thicknesses of expanded corkfrom 10 to 300 mm. The minimum board thickness in order to obtain an insulating effect is 20-30 mm, but optimal values are 30-40 mm. If you are looking for a material with greater insulating properties, visit the section with high density (HD) expanded cork. For building facades, we especially recommend dedicated panels, which you can find in the "MD Facade" category.

Natural design inspires

Expanded cork is distinguished by an interesting and original dark shade – all thanks to the heating process. The unusual colour of this cork material guarantees a sophisticated and stylish finish to your interior. However, if you wish to benefit from the exceptional properties of expanded cork, but its appearance is not satisfactory to you, the insulation can be finished with technical or decorative cork boards.

Many advantages of wall insulation

Expanded cork is a durable product, and the latest research has shown that its properties remain unchanged for up to even 50 years. Cork allows the water vapour to pass and does not change its size under the influence of extreme temperatures. Expanded cork maintains dimensional stability in the temperature range from -180 °C to 120 °C.

Safe and natural product is always the best

We give you an ecological product – unlike the other synthetic wall materials, it does not emit harmful volatile substances and does not adversely affect the air quality in the building. Expanded cork is flame-retardant and does not emit harmful compounds when exposed to fire. Our products are made from renewable and ecological materials that can be fully recyclable.  

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