Expanded insulation cork boards

How to fix 50x100cm cork insulation panels and what tools to use?

Expanded cork wall tiles are a fine material that can be fixed in a variety of ways. The cheapest and the easiest method to fix it is by gluing with cork glue. We recommend Wakol D-3540 that can be found in our ‘Cork Glues’ section. Our advice is to use around 100 grams of glue per 1 tile, which means that 0.8kg of glue is enough for 8 tiles, and a bucket of 2.5kg – 25 sheets. Of course using cork glue is not obligatory. The most widely used fixing glues and strong wood binders. It is best to choose a product with good initial tack, as it will make the job easier and faster, especially for the less experienced. In case of fixing the cork insulation panels to the ceiling we do not recommend using the glue alone. In such a case it is advised to strengthen the panels by joining the fixture with pins.

Paint, lacquer or wallpaper – which finishing?

Expanded cork insulation panels can be left alone without any finish. They can also be finished in any way possible. Cork wall panels can be painted over with any paint, lacquer or wood stain to enhance or cover up the cork’s structure. If the cork board rolls will be exposed to dirt and will be washed frequently, it is worth finishing it with a protective product. The cheapest and least labour intensive way to finish it is... leaving the cork wall unfinished! The original structure of the black cork will bring a new and natural dimension to the interior and furthermore such a cork wall can be a perfect cork pin board for the whole family!

100% return guarantee. Indefinitely.

Indefinite return of this product to our shop is possible. Subject to return is a complete cork in original packaging, without traces of uses and contamination, which is suitable for further resell. It doesn’t matter if there is a change in concept or the ordered amount was excessive. When buying these products you can be sure that we will accept the return whenever you need. Bear that in mind, as in other shops returns are possible only within 14 days from the day of receiving your order.

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How can I use expanded insulation cork panels?
•   thermal and acoustic isolation of walls & floors •   vibroisolation of machines and appliances
•   insulation of flat, precipitous and ‘green’ roofs •   cold chamber insulation
•   finish and decoration of any surface, interior & exterior •   terrariums

What makes expanded cork wall panels so special?

•   100% natural, ecological and sustainable material •   in case of fire does not release any toxic fumes
•   virtually indefinite durability •   resistant to a number of chemicals, insects
•   unchangeable technical parameters •   fast, easy and cheap fixture
•   perfect dimensional stability for many years •   100% recyclable

Comparing with other materials? Check technical specification!

•   dimensions: 500x1000mm •   compression strength (10%): 100 Kpa
•   available thickness: 10-300mm •   water absorption: 0.5kg/SQM
•   standard panel density: 110 – 120 kg/m³ •   length tolerance: ± 3 – 5 mm
•   thermal conductivity λ: 0.037 – 0.040 W/mK •   thickness tolerance: ± 1 – 2 mm
•   fire resistance: euroclass E •   thickness tolerance: ± 1 – 2 mm

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