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AGED OAK MDF framed cork boards

Extremely durable school cork notice board with an MDF frame. You can choose from 6 colours: black, white, silver, calvados, natural oak and aged oak. The base is a bearing slab made of soft porous fibreboard, which is the best core for such a board since it’s really durable and strong but at the same time light. Moreover, you can stick pins in it as many times as you want. The base of the board is covered with natural technical cork from Portugal, a top-quality material. The cork is incredibly dense, flexible and compact. It doesn’t crumble, fade or come off the fibreboard as time goes by. Because we use special cork, manufactured using state-of-the-art and unique technology, our cork boards live 30% longer than cheaper, lower quality products from Tesco or IKEA.

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