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Design, comfort and durability equal perfect cork flooring!

Dreaming of ever-warm and comfortable floor? Safe even for little children? Quiet, healthy and extremely durable? We present... cork tile flooring. Discover its incredible properties and change the flooring in your Home or Office for the perfect one! There are not many companies in the UK that sell such a wide selection of high quality cork products. In our offer clients will find excellent cork floor tiles that will definitely meet their expectations. There are other kinds of cork flooring accessible in our offer, so we advise yout to take a look.


The cork we use comes from sustainable cultivation combining ecology with modern technologies. Neither the trees nor the environment suffer, as the trees remain alive and are still able to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.  Cork is a natural and ecological material, ideal for floor coverings. If it reminds you of cork pin boards and crumbling – you will quickly change your mind. Cork bathroom flooring is made from a completely different type of cork and the material’s quality has been adjusted to cover the surfaces we walk on. Cork flooring is a product that is gaining popularity all over the world, and durability tested in home around the world. Cork floor tiles are water resistant, resistant to crushing and a wonderful aesthetic that creates an unique atmosphere at the same time providing the comfort of use and caring about our health. What is more, thanks to its low thermal conductivity cork does not lose or absorb heat, which means that users of cork flooring will not feel cold or discomfort while walking barefoot. In other wods, central heating under such cork floors is unnecessary. If you decide to lay cork tiles on the floor, you may economize on heating.

Discover all the qualities of cork tile flooring!

Choose cork tiles and ensure a floor that is warm and nice to the touch (thermal insulation), quieter apartment (acoustic isolation), comfortable barefoot walking (elasticity, anti-skid and vibration isolation), and easy maintenance (just water and a delicate detergent). Furthermore, there are plenty of advantages for your health, as the natural cork is antistatic and hypoallergenic, as well as ideal for anyone suffering from back and leg problems, as it alleviates the shocks when walking. Thanks to biomechanical properties of cork, mainly its flexibility, tiles made of this material protect our spinal column and joints from harm and pain which may occur while walking on hard floor surfaces.


More and more citizens of the UK choose cork floor tiles that are a great alternative to exotic wood, stones or laminate. Cork floor tiles guarantee a quiet and warm interior, therefore they are recommended for any space, apart from those with high humidity and presence of water. The use of natural cork means that the cork tiles can be used in places where asthmatic and allergy sufferers work and live. Natural cork does not absorb dust, has antifungal properties, is humidity resistant and, at the same time, it is very easy to clean. It is a 100% natural and ecological product that is harvested without damaging the environment. We offer cork flooring in a variety of finishing options. All are resistant to abrasions and durable for a very long time. Thank to different colours and textures available, you can easily find a flooring to fit the interior’s aesthetic. The installation is quick and easy, just glue them to the surface with Wakol glue (available in our store). We invite you to discover the world of cork tiles! Discover a completely new definition of the word ‘floor’ today!

Enjoy a quiet, warm and cosy interior!

Cork flooring from tiles glued to the surface guarantee a warm and durable floor for years to come. It is especially recommended for floors in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Cork floor tiles mean more quiet, warmth, comfortable walking and easy maintenance. Unique aesthetic and health properties of the cork tile flooring and its great technical parameters are appreciated all over the world! Using cork as parquet material means certainty of maximum security and comfort. Cork products are 100% ecological and natural, therefore can be used even by people with allergies – as they eliminate fungi and mould, are waterproof and resistant to rotting and do not absorb dust, they can be used by asthmatics.


We have a variety cork floor tiles that will fit any interior or design no matter if traditional or modern. We offer cork tile flooring from the cork oak bark from Portugal that, to suit your needs, can be covered with lacquer, wax or left unfinished; chamfered or not. We guarantee our cork floor tiles from the UK are abrasion resistant and will fulfil their purpose. Choose the premium quality flooring. What you have to remember about while ordering cork floor tiles is the right choice of cork durability and resistance to abrasion, suitable for the place you want it to be placed. If you have problems with making a decision, our staff will help be happy to help you.

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