Self adhesive cork rolls for walls 10mm

Self Adhesive Cork Roll 10 mm: Versatile and eco-friendly material

Self Adhesive Cork Roll 10 mm is the thickest option in our line of self-adhesive cork rolls. This versatile material provides a range of benefits, from soundproofing to sealing, and even as a cork pin board. Its natural properties make it a functional material for use in industry, business, and home settings.

Cork Roll 10 mm for custom applications

Self Adhesive Cork Roll is a versatile material that can be cut, shaped, and engraved, making it perfect for custom applications. Additionally, its soundproofing properties make it a useful material for use in machinery, helping to reduce noise levels and prevent sound pollution in the workplace.
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Stick it and pin it!

The self-adhesive layer is only suitable for gluing to smooth, flat, clean and dust-free surfaces (e.g. plasterboards or furniture boards). But why stop at just a boring old bulletin board? With Self Adhesive Cork Roll 10 mm, you can let your creativity run wild and create a unique and daring display.

Easy and hassle-free installation with the self adhesive backing

Self Adhesive Cork Roll 10 mm comes with a convenient self-adhesive backing that makes installation a breeze. No need for messy glue or complicated mounting procedures. Simply peel off the protective film and stick the cork roll onto any clean, flat surface.
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