Cork roll 5mm

Searching for a material to create a large cork notice board? We have Cork on Roll for you!

There are many applications of natural cork – especially in the form of a roll! A thickness of Natural Cork 5mm can be effectively used as a pin board and the material can be found in many office buildings where it serves not only as an efficient wall decoration but also a practical board for organising the tasks and goals. In addition, natural cork in the form of a roll is a material dedicated to the construction and footwear industry (for the production of, e.g. shoe insoles). Natural Cork Roll is also chosen by our customers for the production of machine seals or cup coasters. You will be delighted by the multitude of applications!

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Cork Sheet Roll – A high-quality product that won’t let you down!

One of the best products on the market! The Cork Sheet Roll is an alternative to cork sheets – you will avoid the excessive number of joints for a larger wall surface. Natural cork is a waterproof material that dampens vibrations. The Natural Cork 5mm is a flexible but also durable product.

Natural Cork 5mm – Available size

In our store online, you will find many options, and you will definitely choose the perfect product for you! 5mm is a sufficient thickness to use it as a cork pin board. If you need other sizes, feel free to explore all the Cork on Roll products with different thicknesses!

Processing and installation

Natural cork is a handy material that is exceptionally easy to work with! The Natural Cork 5mm on a roll can be glued with the contact adhesive – we recommend the best glue Wakol D-3540, which is a proven product. Natural Cork 5mm does not require the use of specialised tools for processing.

Surface protection with sustainable cork

The Cork on Roll serves a great protection for walls and other flat surfaceseco cork protects against scratches and dirt. Cork is a soft and pleasant to touch material.

Nature wins… again!

Cork is a natural material! Cork Sheet Roll is a very good alternative to artificial materials that are not environmentally-friendly and will not serve you for a long time. Sustainable cork does not attract dust and is suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
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