Cork dust 0 - 0,5 mm

Versatility of Cork Dust and Cork Powder in multiple industries

Cork Dust is a highly popular material in several industries due to the unique properties of natural cork. The fine-grained Cork Dust, with a particle size between 0-0.5mm, finds application as a versatile component in various products! Natural Cork Powder's ability to add lightness, insulation, and prevent sticking, while also slowing alloy crystallization, makes it essential in the battery industry and also used for creating fireworks.

The best separator in glass production

Natural Cork Dust is used to prevent the glass from sticking to the cast iron moulds and to facilitate the separation of the glass from the mould after cooling.
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Insulating material for construction

The 0-0.5mm Cork Dust is an excellent addition to building plasters and coatings. It enhances the acoustic and thermal insulation properties of walls, making it an efficient material for insulation.

Cork Dust for pop-up fishing baits

The cork powder with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm is an essential component in making high-quality pop-up fishing baits. The buoyancy and lightness of the cork balls make them ideal for carp fishing.

Cork Powder for model making

Cork Dust is an ideal material for model making, such as dioramas, railway layouts, and Christmas cribs. It can be painted and used to create realistic scenes, imitating railway ballast, gravel paths, and greenery.
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