Adding modern style to your interior with decorative wall panels from natural cork!

Are you bored with typical wall coverings and banal wallpapers? Contemporary design offers endless possibilities and especially for customers who are looking for unusual, natural and high-quality solutions, we have created decorative wall panels from natural cork! The panels are sold in the form of hexagons that present a unique and impressive 3D effect!

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What's your favourite colour? Choose the best wall covering with hexagon panels for your home

Are you looking for deep and clear colours that catch the eye? We would like to present a wide range of products – each customer will find something for themselves! Our hexagon 3D wall panels are available in both lighter shades that delight with their delicacy, and vivid colours that will add the originality to any room! The available colours of cork wall panels are: natural, ivory, grey, black, maroon, green/dark green, jeans, blue/dark blue, yellow, and brown.

Explore the potential of natural cork wall panels

Why is it worth reaching for our hexagon panels from sustainable cork? It is a natural and safe product! The Lines 3D panels have been made only with the use of natural materials: natural cork, binder and paint. Natural cork is recyclable and does not have a negative environmental impact.

Why is it worth reaching for our 3D panels from natural cork?

Cork wall covering is much more than just an exceptionally fashionable and beautiful design. Eco cork is a light, soft and pleasant to touch material. Cork wall panels eliminate unpleasant echoes and ensure a blissful silence. Natural cork also improves the microclimate of the room and stabilises the humidity level.

Modern interior design that brings happiness and positive vibes! 3D wall cladding for your restaurant interior design and more

Decorative wall panels from natural cork are ideal for clients who want to add some colour to the interior, but wish to execute it in an original and modern style. With the hexagon 3D wall panels, you will create a cosy and fashionable bedroom, home office or dining room. 3D panels from natural cork are also great for a store, boutique, reception, office, conference room, modern restaurant or hairdressing salon.
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