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Granulated cork – a different form of natural cork for a more practical use!

Cork granules is another impressive cork product that consists of crushed pieces of eco cork with an average grain size. Suitable for different industries such as construction, furniture, or gardening. Also perfect choice for your terrarium. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

How is granulated cork produced? The clever way of using sustainable cork

Granulated cork is made from the bark of the cork oak by mechanical grinding of the material. For the production of cork granules, post-production waste from agglomerated cork is used. This is how even the smallest parts of the cork material won't go to waste. A win-win for everybody!

A wide selection of medium cork granules

In our store, granulated cork is available in many fractions: 0.5-1 mm, 1-2 mm, 2-3 mm, 3-4 mm, 4-5 mm, and 5-6 mm. Cork granules also differ in terms of their density and product weight. Discover all options and choose the perfect one!

Functional properties of granulated cork? Many of them!

Granulated cork is a universal and durable product with functional properties. Natural cork is resistant to water and biological corrosion. Granulated cork is also an ideal liquid absorbent – it is often used to clean oil spills. Additionally, cork granules do not conduct electricity or emit odours at high temperatures.

Enhance your building materials with cork granules

Cork products – such as cork flooring or cork rolls – are produced from cork granules. Cork is a useful thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, which makes cork an ideal component of building materials. Adding granulate to building materials will make them more durable and guarantee improved insulation parameters.

Cork granules – a smart choice for a modern garden

Did you know that granulated cork is also ideal for gardening? Cork increases soil aeration and is an ideal soil conditioner. Cork granules prevent grass deformation and perfectly imitates stone or gravel!

Granulated cork for your artistic visions

Cork granules are used in artistic and creative activities – primarily in forming, scenography or floristic accessories, but not only. Granulated cork is a flexible material, suitable for use in mock-ups and gadgets – various types of cork decorations or Christmas cribs. Great material to be used by teachers during workshops and classes for children.

Passion for more

Cork granules are often used in the production of insoles. Granulated cork is commonly used in the furniture industry as a filling of eco-friendly pouffes and armchairs. It is also a practical material used in terrariums  as a substrate for breeding tarantulas or other exotic animals. Cork granules are used in sports as a filler for all kinds of sports accessories – baseballs, shuttlecocks or punching bags.  
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