Coarse grained cork sheets

Coarse Grain Sheet of Cork – a universal material for various uses!

Looking for ecological solutions and effective alternatives to artificial materials? If high quality is essential to you, natural cork from Portugal is the best choice – a real bestseller! Not only because of the sustainable production, but also because this is a one-of-a-kind raw material that is natural, useful, and practical. Cork board sheets – a universal material that is used in many industries!

What coarse grain cork sheet size can I find in your online store?

In our store, you can find coarse grain cork boards in the 640 x 950 mm dimension. Many available sheet thicknesses – from 1 to even 150 mm! If you do not know which thickness will be the best for you, we recommend starting with our sample set!

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Effective insulation that will reduce your bills! Reach for the best properties with cork boards

Why is it worth reaching for coarse grain sheets of cork?
  • Very good insulation material (cork material with a thickness of 10 mm and up),
  • cork board sheet is a light material,
  • natural cork dampens vibrations in buildings and rooms,
  • durable and damage-resistant product,
  • cork material is resistant to fungi, mould and various harmful substances,
  • anti-allergic and safe for your health product,
  • flame-retardant material.

Interior for today and tomorrow – create your dream space with cork sheet material

Cork board sheets are often chosen for home interiors because of their natural and delightful design that goes hand in hand with the unusual properties of the material. Join thousands of our satisfied customers who love natural cork! Let yourself create a comfortable and cosy space that you will be happy to come back to.

What are cork board sheets used for?

The list of applications is very long!  Coarse grain cork sheets are used in many industries:
  • in construction (especially as insulation),
  • in the footwear and automotive industry,
  • in the decorative industry (for various types of decorations, handles, mats, accessories, etc.),
  • the fishing industry, e.g. fishing rod handles, elements of toys and educational gadgets.
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