Rubber cork rolls for seals and gaskets

Unveiling the Rubber Cork Roll for Seals and Gaskets!

Rubber Cork Roll represents an advanced combination of natural cork anddurable rubber, offering a unique material ideal for gaskets and seals. Rubber Cork offers exceptional sealing properties, providing an effective barrier against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors.

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Rubber Cork for Seals? Your excellent choice!

The Rubber Cork Rolls is highly flexible and adapts to various surfaces, making it an ideal sealing material. The combination of Cork and Rubber provides resistance to many external factors such as moisture, UV radiation, and chemical action, which means that the Rubber Cork Roll can be used under various conditions. The Rubber Cork Roll is easy to install and does not require specialised tools, allowing for quick and convenient application.

Rubber Cork: Vibration isolation and waterproof sealing

Our Natural Cork and Rubber gasket material also serves as an excellent vibration isolator. Particularly useful in industrial applications, it minimises the effect of equipment vibrations, contributing to a safer and more stable environment. Additionally, Rubber Cork gasket is an excellent waterproof sealant. Its innate ability to resist water makes Cork Rubber an ideal choice for applications that require a waterproof seal or gasket.
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