Cork model railway roadbed ballast (underlay strips and sheets)

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Cork model railway ballast roadbed for tracks for H0-scale railwaysAre you looking for a cork roadbed to build a railway model?

The cork model roadbed ballast for the H0 railway modelers scale enables to quickly and easily build a realistic railway. Thanks to the use of a special flat, the modeling stopper is very light, flexible and perfectly reduces the sounds and absorbs vibrations. Cork is suitable for both gravel imitation, but also as a base element for display windows and showcases.

Why are cork model roadbed stripes so unique?

The cork model profile has a thickness of 5mm and a width of 48mm. The edges of the ground are precisely profiled on both sides at a 45-degree angle to faithfully reproduce the railways built in the real world. For your convenience, we offer a cork in the form of a single undercoat. The profile is used to construct straight sections of tracks. After cutting the natural cork with a knife for wallpapers along the axis of the track, two flexible halves will be created, which can be modeled on all types of arches and turnouts. Cork ballast have a length of 45 cm.

What will be the best for assembly?

For gluing a cork model roadbed for mock-ups or dioramas, it is the best to use a cork adhesive Wakol D3540 from our offer. It is excellent contact glue, which after drying leaves a soft and flexible joint. Installation of the plug will be simple, efficient and will not affect the quality of vibration damping by the cork model roadbed ballast. Cork during assembly can be easily cut and modeled using a sharp wallpaper knife or modeling scalpel. Thanks to this, you can make pads for turnouts, crossings, platforms or railway crossings yourself.

Can I buy a cork roadbed in the form of cork sheets?

For the convenience of all our customers interested in the cork blallast, we have supplemented our offer with analogous material in the form of universal cork sheets. The size of the board makes it possible to cut larger cork formats, eg as a base for a greater number of parallel tracks, stations or locomotives. The cork model roadbed ballast is dedicated primarily to the H0 scale, however, it can be easily used also for the TT, N or Z scale, selecting the thickness of the plug and cutting it on the desired width by itself.
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