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Create a charming Cork Board Wall with the best Cork Roll!

Are you looking for a natural material in the form of a roll, thanks to which you will create an impressive larger cork board or wall decorations that will delight everybody with their naturalness? The 6mm Cork Board Roll is a real bestseller in our online store! A 6mm Cork Roll is also an ideal material for creative architects who are looking for new solutions and inspirations!

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Cork Rolls – 6 mm for cork board wall

With Natural Cork 6mm, you will create a larger notice board without many visible joints! Our Cork Rolls are produced from granulated cork. If you are looking for a different thickness of cork material, feel free to visit the category, where we present many other options – from thinner to thicker!

Cork Board Roll for walls, mock-ups and more!

A Cork Roll is the perfect choice for interior wallsno more cold walls! Cork Board Roll can be perfectly combined with other materials, such as wood, brick or wallpaper. Technical Cork is used in the production of the materials of regular use in everyday life because of its anti-slippery properties. 6mm Cork Roll is also chosen for hobby activities – railway models, dioramas or mock-ups.

Cork Rolls for walls – Top-quality product

The benefits of using Natural Cork and Cork Rolls are endless! To name just a few, Natural Cork 6mm is a moisture-resistant product that is light, durable and flexible. All our products are of excellent quality! Natural cork suppresses vibrations of machines in operation. Cork Roll is completely safe for your health.

Introduce Natural Cork to your life!

The production of cork materials significantly reduces pollutant emissions and protects the environment, as all our products are made from ecological material. The product is completely safe for allergy sufferers – it does not cause allergies.

Natural Cork 6mm – How can I cut cork?

Cork Board Roll can be cut to any size – just use a sharp knife. Before using your 6mm Cork Roll, we recommend acclimatising the product (preferably for 72 hours) to the prevailing conditions. We recommend Wakol D-3540 glue for installation, which is a proven cork glue!
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