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Discover the potential of natural cork in the form of cork pieces!

Natural cork in the form of cork nuggets is a great material for use in many industries, including light industry, model making or scenography. Larger granulated cork is a functional product and an ideal raw material ready for further processing. Cork pieces – a natural, practical and decorative product with a brown colour, perfectly imitating rubble and stones.

Cork nuggets – what can I find in your store?

We offer cork material that typically measures a few centimetres – cork nuggets are the largest fraction of granulated cork available in our store (10-50 mm). The density of the product is 75-85 kg/m³, and each package contains 15 kg of cork pieces.

With nature for nature – the perfect material for terrariums and gardening

Looking for an effective and practical material for your exotic animals? Our cork pieces are perfect for terrariums! Cork nuggets will tastefully complement any terrarium arrangement, both as a substrate and natural decoration. Granulated cork is also used for gardening as a useful component of plant substrates. Natural cork gives the soil lightness and permeability. The perfect alternative to artificial substitutes!

The amazing properties of natural cork with cork pieces

Cork nuggets is a durable, flexible and resistant to external factors product. Natural cork has good insulating parameters – that is why it is often added to different products to improve their properties and overall quality. Granulated cork is resistant to mould, fungi and serves as a flame-retardant material. Cork nuggets are also abrasion-resistant and non-slip. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

Model making with granulated cork

Cork pieces are used in moulding, shaping and creating set designs. Perfect material for the creation of various mock-ups, dioramas, or theatrical scenery. The light weight of the product and its practicality make it an ideal material also for art classes dedicated to children.

How are cork pieces made?

Larger granulated cork is a product of the highest quality, produced by the mechanical grinding of natural cork. Such production involves recycling the parts of eco cork that were not previously used during the production. Thanks to the process, we are able to obtain a material with high functionality.

Nature and safety – a perfect duo

Are you looking for a proven and safe product that will not let you down? You couldn't have found a better one! Cork pieces are natural and safe. This is a response not only to the needs of the clients who wish to use best-quality materials, but also those who want to care about the environment. Cork nuggets are non-toxic and do not harm the environment – the most perfect combination!

Interior design

Cork nuggets are an ecological filler often used by the furniture industry. As a result, the furniture is more durable, reliable and follows modern eco trends! Perfect decoration for vases or decorative aquariums.  
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