Cork roll 4mm

Discover the potential of Cork in a Roll! Cork Rolls for Walls, advertising gadgets, and more

4mm Cork Roll is a universal and crafting material with a multitude of applications! Natural cork will surely surprise you and meet your expectations! How can you use your cork in a roll? Natural cork is a wonderful material that serves as a protection layer for many surfaces or decorative wall covering. The material is often used to design modern and eye-catching advertising gadgets. Rolled Cork is also used in the production of sports gadgets.

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Create your practical wall decoration with Rolled Cork

Did you know that rooms that use natural cork become more friendly and comfortable? For years, we have been receiving messages from our satisfied customers how much they appreciate their cork wall covering roll! Roll Cork 4mm can be used as a wall ddecoration. More and more often our clients choose cork as a wall lining material for their boats and yachts.

The best surface protection? Cork Sheet Roll!

Our Cork Sheet Roll serves as a quality protection for any surface. The 4mm Cork Roll reduces surface irregularities. A Cork in a Roll is also often used to protect the surfaces of antique furniture.

4mm Cork Roll – Product characteristics

Looking for a material that is flexible and easy to work with? Rolled Cork is for you! Natural cork is resistant to moisture and has shock-absorbing properties. Natural cork is also resistant to mould and fungi. Cork Sheet Roll is an antistatic product.

How to use Natural Cork 4mm?

Are you searching for approachable material? The 4mm Cork Roll can be easily cut – in our store you will find a cutter knife for cutting cork. Natural cork can also be painted.

Bring nature to your life

Natural cork is an ecological material that does not cause allergy or irritation. The highest quality of eco cork allows us to sustainably produce our materials and care for the environment! Natural cork is a flame retardant material that does not emit toxic fumes in the event of a fire.
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