Cork roll 4mm

4mm cork rolls are "Portuguese gold", which from year to year conquers the hearts of a growing group of loyal buyers. There is no day that someone somewhere in the world has not used a natural cork for some practical purpose. Or maybe today it will be you? Perhaps you want to protect a historic table from hot dishes or work in a restaurant and take orders for a pizza. Or maybe you are an avid traveller and you would like to stick a layer of quite thick cork under your map of the world. Unless you are passionate about rail modelling and spend every other evening in the attic, building a track for your miniature trains. We do not know that. But we know with certainty that 4mm cork rolls will be a great solution in any of the above cases.

Why cork board roll? And the other cork products?

We are known for our comprehensive and diverse offer of cork products. Each of our thoughtful products was created with a view to concrete and practical application in our everyday life. However, only the cork rolls are the most universal product, because they will allow you to use your hidden potential yourself. We will reach for you a cork roll with the length you choose. And you, what will you do after receiving the parcel from the courier?

Package delivered. But how to use the full potential of the natural cork?

The roll of your cork board roll doesn’t have to be like all of them. You can individualise it in any way. With the help of a wallpaper knife, you can give the cork any shape and format. Rolls of cork up to 3mm thick can be evenly cut using office scissors. When the cork accepts the shape you want, you can think about changing its color. Have you been able to paint the apartment after renovation or wood varnish after painting the fence? Use them and give the cork mat a new look. You can use any paint to paint walls or any varnish and wood stain or cork. Of course, you can also change nothing and leave the cork sheet roll just as the factory created it. It doesn’t matter what ideas you have, your imagination limits you and the fact that you have not yet placed an order with us.

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