Medium grained self adhesive cork wall tiles

Cork pin board on the wall with the option to unpack, stick and ready?

Do you want to make a cork board wall, but at the very thought of a drill and pegs, your enthusiasm goes out? Nothing easier! Forget about drilling and order a medium grained self adhesive cork boards tiles today. Cork board in medium grain size is the optimal material for making any surface, designed to be an easily accessible, practical and above all durable cork board.

The cork pin board up to 10mm thick can easily and quickly be cut with a regular wallpaper knife, so you will not need any tools to mount. If it is necessary to cut the self adhesive cork board, you will do it yourself, at no additional cost. If you plan to cover a larger area with a adhesive cork board, remember to align the edges before assembly. Simple and smooth natural cork will reduce joints between plates and significantly improve the final effect. Remember that the self adhesive cork board sheet is the largest available format for the cork material. If you need a bigger cork format, necessarily in one piece, check out our offer for cork rolls.

Installation of cork mats with our self adhesive layer is fast, clean and simple. All you need to do is to break the protective foil and stick the cork pin board on the previously prepared substrate. The self adhesive plug is ready for use as soon as it is applied. If you want to change its color, you can paint it any time with any cork or wood paint.

In need of a cork that is easy and fast to fix?

Self-adhesive cork is the right fit for everyone that appreciates simple, fast and uncomplicated solutions. Self-adhesive cork tile with strong and durable glue was created due to the demand for easy and fast fixing of the cork sheets. The used glue is very strong, so the panels can be applied on both smooth and slightly rugged surfaces. The only condition for beginning the fixing is a completely dustless, clean and dry surface. That is why it is extremely important to prepare the surface carefully, meaning its staining or thorough cleaning. Cork needs to be fixed carefully and mindfully, as the glue binds with the surface instantly.

This product is perfectly executed, easy to fix and more practical than traditional cork! Order, unpack, acclimate, take off the protective foil, put on the wall... and enjoy natural cork in any place you want!


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Is there anything bigger?

635x940mm for coarse grained cork sheets and 640x950mm for medium grained and fine-grained cork sheets are the biggest available formats in ‘Cork Sheets’ section. If this format is not satisfactory, cork rolls available in the ‘Cork Rolls’ section in the menu on the left may be a great solution. There are rolls of cork available in thicknesses from 2 to 10mm in any desirable quantity, as they are sold by linear metres.

Add to Basket, payment, delivery... but when will the order arrive?

We are putting our best efforts to make cork products purchases in our shop the easiest, safest and simplest as possible. Payment for the purchase can be done in a variety of ways: from cash payment to the courier, as well as by bank transfer or credit card. Cork products are packed in durable and thick cardboard and are delivered swiftly by FedEx Express. Every day we make sure that the ordered products are in stock. Therefore our packages are delivered mostly within 48 hours from the order confirmation. In case of a need to set a particular or faster delivery date, please contact or Sales Team to confirm the possibility of such delivery before making a purchase.

What mistakes to avoid?

Last but not least! Natural cork is a product that is very sensitive to changes in humidity. If the humidity drops the sheet will shrink. Due to changing conditions during warehousing and transport we recommend resting the natural cork for 48 hours in the same conditions it will be installed. This will prevent from creating any gaps between the sheets. Such situations are very common especially during winter and autumn seasons, when cold and moist cork is delivered to a warm and dry space. That is why any natural cork purchases should be done with a few days notice to be able to prepare it correctly and, at the same time, avoid additional costs and unwanted stress.

Looking for cork for different purposes?

Fine grained cork sheets are a perfect material for any type of cutting, engraving, laminating and printing. Its high elasticity and uniformity, as well as very smooth surface and shatter resistance make it a great material used in production of various goods, such as: merchandise, shoe insoles, gaskets and many more.

Coarse grained cork sheets can be a great mean for thermal insulation. Fixed on the wall or ceiling is an acoustic isolation and eliminates all the sounds coming from the other side. 40 million cells full of air in every cubic centimetre. What does this means? It means no more high gas bills and much more warmth in the apartment.

Our self-adhesive cork tiles have a variety of applications limited only by imagination and creativity. We offer a wide range of cork products to meet different requirements of our clientele. We invite you to spend a little time to get to know our cork products better!

Did you know that by choosing our products you are helping the environment?

Natural cork is produced with care for low energy usages, practically nonexistent emission and minimum environmental impact. Choosing 100% natural cork products, you are contributing to the development of responsible, innovative and sustainable solutions, help protect our environment and future generations. Enjoy the shopping!