Cork roll 10mm

The largest available cork notice board? You just found!

The cork roll with a thickness of 10mm for the thickest cork material made by the company on running meters. Due to the fact that everything is fine, you should inform about it. Such a thick layer of cork roll costs more, but the quality and aesthetics of the product, practicality and quality and the best insulation parameters, compensate 100% for a one-off expense.

What thickness of cork board roll will be the best?

Commonly used push pin to cork rolls have soldering a length of about 11 mm. You need a cork material with a thickness of 5 to 10 mm so that you can freely and securely pin to the cork roll corporate documents in your office or your holiday photos at home. Cork rolls of thickness 2 to 4 mm will do their job when you have a soft backing on which you want to apply a decorative layer of cork wall tiles. As a substrate for such thin cork rolls sheet roll you can use soft porous filler, polystyrene or cardboard. If, however, more than format cork you depend on the thickness of it, choose medium-size cork sheets thicker than 10 mm. This thick agglomerated cork pin board can be glued directly to a wall or other substrate or used to make cork baffles between the desks, which will serve as a workplace dampening and as a practical and easily accessible cork board wall.

Looking for cork mat for other applications?

Our cork roll is completely universal and can be used as large cork board at home, office or school, as well as house thermal cork insulation or sound cork insulation. They are also a great seal material, can be used in the production of merchandise and as a high quality cork underlayment for panels and carpeting. Special properties of the cork tiles are appreciated in model-making when building scale models in architecture or railroad industry, as well as cork bricks and mats for yoga and fitness.

Did you know that by choosing our products you are helping the environment?

Cork material is produced with care for low energy usages, practically nonexistent emission and minimum environmental impact. Choosing 100% natural cork products, you are contributing to the development of responsible, innovative and sustainable solutions, help protect our environment and future generations.

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