Cork roll 10mm

Cork on a Roll – Simply the best quality!

Are you interested only in the finest materials? You have found it! Our Cork Roll 10mm is made from high quality natural cork. Technical Cork on a Roll with a thickness of 10mm is a bestseller due to its countless advantages!

A Cork Board Roll with a greater thickness

Looking for a Cork board roll with a thickness of 10 mm? The thickest Cork Roll available in our online store! A thicker layer of Cork Roll 10mm is a guarantee of quality and practicality. If you're primarily looking for a thick cork material, this is the perfect product for you!

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Create your future and the best Cork Board with a Cork Sheet Roll

Are you dreaming of creating a huge cork board? A 10mm Cork on a Roll will be great! Cork Sheet Roll is a fantastic material for designing large notice boards without many visible joints. The 10mm material allows you to easily pin your favourite photos, notes or other important documents from your work.

Introduce Cork Roll 10mm to your interior!

A cork wall has many advantages! Thanks to Cork Roll 10mm, you will create a large and useful pin board in a simple and quick way. Natural cork will warm up cold walls not only because of its insulating properties, but also a warm and pleasant colour.

Nature is everything

Are you looking for environmentally-friendly products? You couldn't find better! Harvesting cork does not require cutting trees – the bark layer is collected with great precision and care. Natural cork is an exceptional material that allows us to sustainably produce and create the best natural cork products!

What else can be done with a Cork on a Roll?

Cork Sheet Roll is also used for creating mock-ups and in the production of cork gadgets, e.g. fitness mats, beach screens or gaskets and underlays for panels.
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