Framed cork boards

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What makes our cork boards stand out? A wide range of options, a lot of different sizes and a variety of frames: aluminium, wooden and MDF ones. Our extensive offer makes it possible to adjust the product to any room. Our products are ideal for homes, offices, shops and public institutions.  A traditional decorative cork board is also an ideal solution for a student’s room and a classroom. It can be used for placing important notes, making mind maps in class or pinning children’s drawings. The surface of the cork board is made of carefully selected fine cork with even density, coming from Portugal. We care about its quality to ensure that every cork notice board is functional and durable and also looks good. Thanks to its properties, cork is an ecological and practical decoration which allows you to easily stick pins in it and display important information, photos or notes. Such a simple way of installation allows you to change pinned items many times.


The surface of selected cork pin boards or their frames can be coloured, thanks to which the product is more attractive. There are many vivid colours available, so the board will match your room perfectly. The base of the framed cork board is made of special fibreboard which stiffens the board, so using it is really convenient. You can also choose the thickness that will suit your needs. It can be up to 10 mm thick. You can stick even the longest pins in it and be sure that the pin won’t get through and won’t damage your wall. Cork board tiles have a wide range of frames, so you can decorate any room. There are classic wooden frames, MDF frames and aluminium frames. Colourful frames will match the design of your room perfectly. Thanks to such frames, a small cork board becomes not only a practical item, but also an interesting design feature.


The most durable and resistant to mechanical damage are aluminium framed cork pin boards. Frames make cork boards more resistant to crushing at the sides, so there are many framed decorative cork boards in our offer. They can be ordered with ordinary anodized decoline profiles but there are also the same boards with delicate silver as well as other colours frames. For clients who value minimalism and simple designs we can offer decorative pin boards in wooden frames in a variety of kinds. There are coloured cork boards with wooden natural frame as well as natural cork boards with wooden and colourful frames. There is a great choice of MDF framed cork boards in various sizes, so there is something for everyone. Some clients prefer frameless pin boards, so we also have them in our assortment.


Office cork pin boards are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, so that everyone can find an optimal size and shape suited to their needs. Thanks to modern and unique technology and the best Portuguese cork, we guarantee 30% longer product life and durability, as compared with cheap cork boards. We want our clients to be satisfied with the products they buy in our shop, so we do our best to meet their expectations. Every board you purchase from us is equipped with everything you need to mount it on the wall.  A set of mounting elements which comes with each product will enable you to hang your cork memo board quickly and without any problems. There is also the strong packaging and protective foil to make sure that your cork board won’t get damaged in transport. And we have the best prices because you buy directly from the manufacturer!


We realize that more and more people are aware of deforestation, and they often ask what happens to the trees whose cork is used to produce cork boards. Our clients do not have to worry about the cork oak trees that the material for our decorative boards comes from. The cork we use is carefully harvested by skilled workers who know how to remove the bark and not damage the tree itself. Modern technology and innovative methods of cork oak trees cultivation make it friendly to the environment.

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