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NATURAL 3D green decorative scandinavian reindeer moss wall tiles

NATURAL 3D green decorative scandinavian reindeer moss wall tiles

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What are natural green decorative scandinavian reindeer moss wall tiles?

Decorative natural green scandinavian reindeer moss panels are a unique example of original, yet minimalistic design. These moss panels, manufactured with the highest degree of precision and diligence, will fit perfectly to every interior: an office, a commercial building and a housing estate. They will add a touch of uniqueness, coziness and sophistication to every design.

The smallest number of moss panels that can be ordered is 6. How many panels do I need to cover 1 m2

The price includes 1 3D diamond-shaped natural moss tile with total area of 0.05 m2. The shorter diagonal is 24.5 cm, whereas the longer one is 42.5 cm. If you want to cover a wall with total area of 1 m2, you will need at least 21 tiles. To install the tiles, we recommend using Wakol D-3540, low-priced and professional glue intended for moss panel. You can find it under “Cork glues”. A small 0.8 kg bucket will be enough to glue about 70 moss tiles, whereas a bigger 2.5 kg bucket will allow you to install up to 240 moss wall tiles.

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